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How to maximise your selling price.
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    Adding value to your property.
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    So you've made the decision to move house - well done! Here at Peter Scott Estate Agents we would like to offer some help and advise on how to maximise the price achieved for your property as well as planning for a smooth, less stressful house move.

    The first factor to adjust to, having decided to sell your home, is to appreciate the fact that your property is now 'on the market'. Buyers will be looking around your property (with us!) and picturing themselves living there. So there are bound to be some basic changes needed to maximise interest and price but nothing that isn't within your own capabilities. Here are a few hot tips:

    Clean, polish and paint - has by far the most impact and is a cost-effective measure. Step back and look at your property objectively.

    Importantly, clean windows and frames inside and out, polish up kitchen appliances, units and chrome ware, shine up those bathroom taps and shower screen, wash wooden floors, paint any dark areas like hallways and landings with light reflecting paint.

    Declutter - buyers may find it difficult to see past an over furnished house and personal items such as wall photos. Clear away kitchen worktops and bathroom products to best promote these highly important selling areas. Do you have piles of paperwork, magazines, post or newspapers on show? If so put them away.

    First impressions do count - buyers may initially drive or walk past your property before committing to a viewing. The front garden or entrance should be clean and tidy, lawn mowed and any hedges cut. If you have a driveway make sure it is weed free and the shingle is raked. Any cars not in regular use should be garaged or moved away - when buyers arrive for a viewing easy parking is essential.

    Minor repairs - it might sound obvious but don't be one of the homes for sale with dripping taps, cracked windows, leaky gutters, blown bulbs or cracks showing. Fix those small jobs to make the best impression.

    Paperwork - not the dreaded paperwork I hear you say! Have you got it all in order? If you've had any gas, electrical or building work done at your property you will need the planning certificates (including the building control completion certificate), warranties and invoices to give to your solicitor. These documents can be obtained retrospectively. Being organised will save you time and money.

    If your not sure what's best for your property please feel free to call me for a chat on 01753 201 232.

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Helping your purchase go smoothly
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    Before offering on a property meet with a mortgage adviser to find out how much you can borrow.

    TIP: Don't just talk to your existing lender, there are probably better mortgage rates available elsewhere. Use a Financial Adviser who can look at a number of different lenders. We recommend Frog Financial Management in Rickmansworth who will be dedicated in finding you the best mortgage solution -www.frog-financial.co.uk/buyingahome

    Having researched the area and found your dream home ask the agent what other properties have recently sold that are comparable.

    TIP: Establish when the property first came to the market and why are the owners selling. This is also a good time to establish if the seller has found a property and if they have a target date in mind for completion - does this fit in to your needs?

    Once you have had an offer accepted appoint a solicitor and provide them with funds for searches, ID and instructions to act on your behalf.

    TIP: Your choice of solicitor will have a direct impact on how fast or slow the buying process will be. Get quotes from a couple of solicitors and note how quickly they return your call. Local solicitors will have a deeper understanding of the area you are buying in. We are happy to recommend BP Collins LLP in Gerrards Cross who have a reputation for thoroughness and efficiency - www.bpcollins.co.uk/what-we-do/services/law/residential-property - 50 years of legal excellence.

    What happens next?

    The seller's solicitor will send your solicitor a pack containing information about the property, fixtures and fittings, title deeds and conveyance plan. Your solicitor will apply for searches and read through the documents sent to them.

    Once your valuation survey has been completed the surveyor will send the report to your lender. If you are having a full structural survey send a copy to your solicitor.

    TIP: You should now raise any questions you have regarding the property with your solicitor. Try to consolidate these questions so that the seller's solicitor can respond in one reply.

    Your mortgage provider will send you and your solicitor a mortgage offer based on the value of the property.

    TIP: Check that your solicitor is on the lenders' panel of solicitors - if not then a third party (lenders solicitor) becomes involved which can lengthen the process.

    Once your solicitor has received the searches and answers to any enquiries they will write a report on title and send all these documents to you to read along with the contract of sale for you to sign.

    TIP: Some solicitors invite you to come into the office so that they can talk you through the paperwork before signing the contract. If you like this approach then it is worth asking at the point of instructing a solicitor if they offer this. Check if the solicitor will also provide a written report if this is the case, as a written report can be useful for a future record. By now you and your solicitor, estate agent and seller should have discussed completion dates - try to be flexible especially if there are more than two of you in the chain.

    Once every solicitor in the chain has a signed contact, deposits agreed and agreed completion date you will be able to exchange contracts.

    TIP: This is the time to engage removal companies and inform your utility companies of the change in your address.

    Once you have exchanged contracts you will need to think about how your solicitor will receive the funds for completion. If you are getting a mortgage the lender will send these over prior to completion. If you are adding to these funds then you will need to arrange a bank transfer.

    TIP: Drawing funds down the day before completion makes for a much speedier and less stressful moving day.

    One the day of completion:

    You will need to take meter readings of both homes on the day you move out/move in.

    TIP: use your mobile to photograph the meter readings

    Once your solicitor has confirmed that the funds have been sent the estate agent will then release keys upon confirmation your funds have arrived with sellers solicitors. You will then be able to take possession of the property. This will normally be around midday.

    TIP: If you are buying through Peter Scott Property we will meet you at the property and give you the keys to your new home!

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Free Valuation And Property Appraisal Service
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    Get in touch with us for advice about moving home
    Valuing a property sounds straight forward doesn't it? However it depends on the estate agents business plan and strategy - many estate agents employ staff whose function is to list as many properties as possible and hit a monthly target. In this scenario you don't always receive realistic and objective advice resulting in over optimistic pricing for the sole purpose of just getting you on their books. Your expectations are raised only to be dashed later when the estate agent picks up the phone asking you to reduce your price - sometimes two or three times in the life of a sole agency contract! 

    My advice is to look at the proportion of an estate agents available stock and compare that to the number of houses they have under offer. The percentage ratio of sales against available listings for estate agents operating in the SL9 postcode area ranges hugely - as low as 14% to 23% for some to as high as 80% (as at 21/11/2018 - data from Rightmove website, excluding new homes). Three guesses who's at 80% - we are proud to be that estate agent. In effect the probability of Peter Scott Estate Agents selling your property is 4 out of 5 - elsewhere its as low as 1 out of 5. 

    Contact us on 01753 201 232 or email us at info@peterscottproperty.co.uk to schedule an appointment to suit you.
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    Sell you property using the Auction process

    Traditionally when you decide to sell a property you appoint an estate agent who places the property on the open market - this is called selling by Private Treaty. If you've sold a property before then you are aware of the ups and downs of this process.

    Sometimes it's great and the sale goes through quickly with no problems. However, its not always like that. According to the research website 'Which?' nearly a third of property sales fall through. Many sellers don't even reach the stage of finding a buyer - maybe you're wondering why your house isn't selling? Or you've had a buyer pull the plug on the deal at the last minute leaving you out of pocket, fed up and facing the whole process again - we've all heard those stories before!

    So we decided at Peter Scott Estate Agents to become a network partner with Network Auctions - a leading national auction house. Swipe and right click this link to find out more about selling by auction: https://www.peterscottproperty.co.uk/advantages-of-selling-at-auction

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Meet Our Team
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    Experience and Expertise counts.

    If you are looking to appoint a local estate agent to sell your property look no further than Peter Scott Estate Agents. We operate a successful estate agency delivering great results for our clients. You will be dealing with one of the business owners and we look forward to hearing from you if we can be of any help. Call us on 01753 201 232.

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    Yvonne Scott, Partner
    Yvonne Scott moved to Chalfont St Peter in 1985 and raised her family in Chalfont St Giles where she continues to live today. Her experience in estate agency started with Bramptons Estate Agents at Beaconsfield in 1998. Working also in Farnham Common and Chalfont St Giles Yvonne gained invaluable knowledge of the industry as well as the local markets. In 2011 Yvonne joined Berkeley Homes selling new homes on a 527 unit site in High Wycombe. Her success is born from building a close, trusted relationship with buyers and holding their hand throughout the whole process."Offering a high level of customer service is key to our success"
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    Peter Scott, Partner, ANAEA
    Peter Scott has lived and worked in The Chalfonts and Gerrards Cross area since 1965. An estate agent since 1982, Peter started his career with A C Frost & Co in Gerrards Cross. He has helped people buy and sell homes in the local area offering a transparent, full estate agency service with a proven track record. As a former Director with Bramptons Estate Agents for 20 years, Peter's experience and expertise of negotiating and securing sales in a sometimes challenging market has won him a reputation for delivering results."Our clients can be assured that when they instruct Peter Scott Estate Agents to sell their home they are dealing with a qualified, professional estate agent that has a genuine desire to provide a service we can be proud of"
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Testimonials about Peter Scott Estate Agents
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    I'd recommend them to anyone looking to sell . . 
    Peter Brown - The sale of my property in Chalfont St Giles (Grayburn Close) will be completed this week (Nov 2018). From my first contact with Peter Scott the sale has only taken FOUR months. During that time I have received a highly efficient and exceptional standard of professional help and advice. I cannot speak too highly of Peter and Yvonne and thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to sell a property in the area.

Testimonials from Sellers

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    He was available, supportive and always responsive
    Derek Anderson  - In January 2018 we asked Peter to find us a buyer for our house in Chalfont St Peter before the end of 2018. We discussed and agreed a sales strategy based on his advice and placed the house on the market in March. By May, after some negotiation, we had a sale agreed with the buyer and completed smoothly in July. Those are the cold facts.However, they do not adequately convey how utterly professional Peter and his team were throughout the whole process, which is always challenging no matter what your circumstances are. He was available, supportive, and always responsive, speaking clearly and plainly with good advice throughout.Looking back now two months later, we can say without hesitation how pleased we are with the sale and that we recommend him to anybody. As a famous tv character would say (pending the purchase of our next house in 2019) the money is "just resting in our account" and it's a good feeling.
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    - a good working relationship.
    M Mangat - Peter is a very professional above board person and I trust him. He is a very straight and helpful person. He has great experience and insight of the property market in South Bucks. He works on building a good working relationship and on how to get the best you. He certainly helped me.With his advice and guidance I was able to sell my property for a very competitive price. Thank you Peter for all your help guidance and support. I strongly endorse Peter.
  • Seller Testimonial

    We have found Peter and Yvonne very professional.
    Mrs B -For us there is no better local Estate Agent than Peter Scott. He has a wealth of local knowledge and experience with the property market that is second to none. We have found Peter and Yvonne very professional and have no doubt they will do their very best to sell our home.
  • Seller Testimonial

    - always given me sound advice.
    Mrs Johnson -Peter Scott has always given me sound advice that I can rely upon. On previous occasions he has assisted me with two house moves, and more recently he has given me valuable advice regarding my lease extension.
  • Seller Testimonial

    - exceptional standard of professional help.
    Peter Brown - The sale of my property in Chalfont St Giles will be completed this week (Nov 2018). From my first contact with Peter Scott the sale has only taken FOUR months. During that time I have received a highly efficient and exceptional standard of professional help and advice. I cannot speak too highly of Peter and Yvonne and thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to sell a property in the area.

Testimonials from Buyers

  • Buyer Testimonial

    -extremely professional and I would recommend him.
    Graham Hales -  Peter is extremely professional and I would recommend him to anyone. We offered on and then subsequently pulled out of a property purchase through his agency, but despite ultimately disappointing both Peter and the sellers, we have nevertheless found Peter to be unfailingly polite and helpful even after our withdrawal from the process.
  • Buyer Testimonial

    - considerable knowledge of the market.
    Chris Tissainayagam  - We have recently completed a purchase through Peter Scott Property and we cannot recommend Peter highly enough to prospective buyers. From the outset, Peter demonstrated a considerable knowledge of the market and empathy for both of us and his seller - this made all the steps from negotiating the offer through to completion a smooth and trouble free process.
  • Buyer Testimonial

    - impressed with local knowledge.
    Ms G Hasley - We were really impressed with Peters local knowledge and honest, direct approach. From a buyers perspective we felt like the properties he represented were priced fairly unlike other properties we had come across where we felt the agents had incorrectly set the sellers expectations. His professionalism works well for buyers and sellers alike and we will remember him for the future when were looking to sell!
  • Buyer Testimonial

    . . . always at the end of  a phone.
    Stuart Robertson - Peter and Yvonne were great to deal with. They were very accommodating, professional and always took the time to ensure we knew exactly where we were at each stage of the process. They were always on the end of a phone or email and made the whole transition very smooth. Having dealt with a few agents to find our home, I can safely say Peter is a cut above the rest. I would highly recommend!
  • Buyer Testimonial

    They were honest, trustworthy and friendly.
    Katie Keane - My partner and I have just completed on purchasing our first home together from Peter Scott. Peter and Yvonne were great, and we couldn't recommend them enough. Being local, their knowledge on the area was very helpful. They made themselves available whenever we wanted to see the house, and kept in contact with us while the process was going through. They were honest, trustworthy, and friendly. I do not doubt we will be using them again in the future.
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