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What is the Warm Home Discount Scheme?

The Warm Home Discount is a scheme put in place to reduce eligible customers’ energy bills during the winter months.

It’s been available since 2011, and the amount people can save changes each year changes in line with the current energy costs. The discount amount for 2023-24 is £150.

It’s paid for by the energy companies themselves, and offers those in receipt of a pension, and low-income energy customers, a discount on their energy bills.

What is the Warm Home Discount Scheme and how does it work?

Customers can receive a discount on their electricity bill each winter, paid in the form of a reduction on their fuel bills. Energy companies will apply the discount directly to their customers’ bills.

Who qualifies for a Warm Home Discount?

If you live in England and Wales and are on pension credit, you’ll be given the discounts automatically. But other low-income households will need to apply to their energy company directly. Nationwide, around two million households are eligible for the scheme – although those in receipt of a pension will miss out if they haven’t applied for pension credit.

Who else can claim a Warm Home Discount?

To qualify, you (or your partner) need to be claiming benefits, such as Housing Benefit, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, or Universal Credit. Some people who claim child tax credit, or working tax credit, could also qualify. Most energy suppliers take part in the scheme, and you can check if yours does via the government’s website.

You can see if you’re eligible to apply for the Warm Home Discount via the government website. Check if you qualify here.

Applying for the Warm Home Discount won’t affect your eligibility for a Winter Fuel Payment or Cold Weather Payment, as these are separate schemes.

What happens if I’m on a pre-payment meter?

You can still qualify for the discount if you meet the criteria and use a pay-as-you-go or pre-payment meter. Your electricity supplier can tell you how you’ll receive the discount, though it’s likely you’ll be sent a top-up voucher.

I think I’m eligible, but I haven’t been contacted about the discount – what should I do?

All households that are eligible for the discount should receive a letter by January 2024. If you do not, you’ll need to get in touch with the Warm Home Discount Scheme directly, before 29 February 2024.

They can be contacted Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (except public holidays), on 0800 030 9322.

Alternatively, you can send a letter to:

110552 Warm Home Discount Scheme
PO Box 26965
G1 9BW

I live in Scotland – can I get the Warm Homes Discount?

You can, but it operates slightly differently to in England and Wales.

If you get the Guaranteed Credit element of Pension Credit, you should receive the reduction to your bills automatically. But if not, you may still be able to apply to your supplier for a discount.

You can also apply if you or your partner get certain means-tested benefits. In Scotland, energy suppliers decide which low-income customers receive the discount, so you’ll need to check with your supplier directly to find out if you qualify.

Is there a scheme in Northern Ireland?

There is a grant available if you live in Northern Ireland that you can put towards energy-saving home improvements. The Affordable Warmth Scheme has been extended and will be available until March 2026.

The scheme offers grant of up to £7,500 (£10,000 for solid wall improvements) to low income households to improve the thermal efficiency of a home through a range of insulation and heating measures.

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