Student accommodation: The do’s and don’ts

Your child has just been accepted into their chosen University, or they’re about to embark on their second year at University… Where are they going to live? As parents, will you be happy with their accommodation?

Here’s a round-up from Rightmove Students of things to do and look out for when it comes to choosing University accommodation.


Different university halls, rooms within a specific halls of residence, and student housing all come in a range of different shapes and sizes, therefore the prices range considerably. Costs can start from around £60 per week for a basic room off-campus to as much as £150 per week for a self-contained studio flat within the student village.

As a parent you have probably already got a budget you are working towards. The value of the loan your child will receive will play an important role in sticking to that budget, along with factoring in any additional source of income they might have (savings, a part-time job lined up, the bank of Mum and Dad?).


Location is another important factor to weigh up when choosing accommodation, and often impacts on how much you’ll pay. Accommodation further away from the campus tends to be slightly cheaper.  Things to consider:

  • The distance to lectures / the campus: is it walking distance / within a short bus or train ride?
  • Transport links: are the halls well connected to the campus and the town / city?
  • The local area: what’s the area like surrounding the halls? Do they want to be slap-bang in the city centre, or part of a student village?

  • Facilities

    Catered or self-catered accommodation:

    Will your child cook every day for themselves or do you want them to have breakfast and dinners made for them?


    Could they manage with sharing a bathroom with other people, or do they really need their own en-suite?


  • Is a University bus pass for the year included?
  • Is there gym access?
  • Is there a cleaner?
  • Are all the bills included?
  • Is maintenance included?
  • Where to look for student accommodation

    Rightmove has a student dedicated website, Rightmove Students, full of different types of property in locations all around the country. Have a browse through the site and remember to make your enquiries as soon as you can as student accommodation does get booked up quickly.

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