Displaying all tenancy fees on all listings on Rightmove

What fees will I have to list?

Examples of specific fees listed by the Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP – the body responsible for writing the advertising codes with which the ASA assess compliance) include, but are not limited to:

  • General administration fees
  • Reference fees (including credit checks, bank, guarantor, previous landlord, etc)
  • Application fees
  • Fees for drawing up tenancy agreements
  • Inventory fees, including check-in and check-out fees
  • Guarantor arrangement/application fees
  • Additional occupant fees
  • Pets disclaimer/additional pet deposit fees

  • Please note that:

  • The definition of specific fees can include those charged by landlords and we would advise you to check with CAP to ensure your information is compliant
  • These requirements do not apply to Scottish rental properties.  Scottish rental property adverts on Rightmove will not display the “fees apply” link or the associated light-box
  • The changes on Rightmove will not ensure compliance in other advertising as CAP’s guidance does differ for other media – in particular your own website.  We would advise you to check with CAP to ensure your other property advertising is compliant. You can find information:
    1. 1)      On their website at: CAP’s website
      2)      or by contacting their Copy Advice Team at:  Copy Advice Team at CAP

    How will I update my properties on Rightmove?

    Information for agents uploading properties through a data-feed:

    If you upload properties through a data-feed, you will need to provide the specific details on tenancy fees in an additional field (you will have up to 4,000 characters to do so).  To enable you to do this, we have communicated this change to all data-feed providers to request they update their systems in line with this regulatory requirement. Subject to your data-feed providers updating their systems, Rightmove can now display this information on your rental property adverts from the end of October.

    Information for agents uploading properties manually through RightmoveAdmin:
    If you upload manually, we have added a “tenancy fee” field to RightmoveAdmin to enable you to upload all applicable tenancy fees (you will have 4,000 characters to do so).

    Where will tenancy fees be displayed?

    We will be displaying the specific fee information in a light-box which will appear when a user clicks the “fees apply” link which currently appears on all rental property adverts on Rightmove.

    This light-box currently contains the generic fee information text as originally agreed with the ASA and rolled out at the end of last year (see example of the current light-box below).  The ASA has confirmed that this solution will enable agents updating their adverts with the required fee information to comply with the new guidance.

    How long will I have to update my listings with specific fee information?

    The ASA have agreed a deadline of the end of November for all property listings on Rightmove to be updated. The ASA have agreed to take no enforcement action regarding the non-display of specific tenancy fees in Rightmove rental adverts until 1st December. 

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