Getting on with your Student Housemates

Once you move in to your new student accommodation, you and your new housemates will all have to make an effort to get on with each other as a year can be a long time.

You may have lived with your family and annoying siblings for your whole life but living with friends in student housing can be very different. You often can't react to friends as you would your own family - especially at first.

If you have considered living with like-minded people, you should be in for a smooth ride but remember, circumstances can change over the course of the year. It is best to get some clear boundaries in place around the key areas that could cause tension - mainly noise, mess and money!

What can help?

  • Consider having regular 'house meetings' where you can air your views before they get out of hand.
  • Try and socialise together so you remain friends as well as housemates.
  • Eat together when you can which will save money as well be a social event.
  • Have a kitty for communal house items such as cleaning products and loo roll.
  • Have clear guidelines about who does what housework and how regularly.
  • Have a clear strategy for paying bills from the start - whose responsibility is it? How much each? How are payments made?

If you are renting through a landlord or letting agent and have one tenancy agreement, if a housemate decides to move out, you will need to either replace them or cover the rent in their absence. So remember this if things get so bad you or another are considering moving out.

Remember, you should be having fun so try and make sure your new student accommodation is a relaxed home to come back to every day.

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