'Student Housing Services' - who you can see at your university, what they can do/help you with

All universities will have an accommodation or housing department that can help with all aspects of student accommodation situated on the campus, even when you are renting privately, and this is usually a free service provide by the university.

They will have relationships with the local letting agents and private halls so are a good option to seek advice from if you are having difficulties. Some universities also offer housing workshops which you can attend for advice and is an opportunity to access a range of student housing information.

They are familiar with all of the rules and regulations surrounding renting so it is a good idea to ask them if you are confused or concerned about anything you have been asked to sign, especially your tenant contracts. Often they will check these over before you sign them and advise you on anything you may not understand.

Most universities will help with finding other students to live with they tend to provide noticeboards that you can post on to help find other students who are also looking for student accommodation.

All private landlords and letting agents taking deposits for assured short-hold tenancies must safeguard them with a government-authorised tenancy deposit scheme, for further information on this consult your housing services adviser they will be able to confirm that the scheme the agent is using is a registered organisation before you go ahead and part with any money, and also the questions you should ask the agent before joining the scheme.

You may find that issues arise with intrusive landlords or noisy neighbours, whilst you pay rent for your accommodation it is considered your home, the landlord cannot enter the property without your permission usually giving 24 hours' notice to inspect the property which they normally do every few months. Your Student Union will be able to advise you impartially on aspects of student accommodation particularly if you feel you have been taken advantage of as a student.

Another topic for your housing service advisor is if you wish to leave your contract early and how you go about doing this and where you stand, normally it is very difficult to move out without the agreement of the landlord. In most cases you will need to find a replacement tenant for yourself that the landlord also agrees with.

Overall the student housing advisers are a great opportunity for you to get the help and advice you require when looking for student accommodation or if any problems arise during your tenancy.

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