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    As your local Estate Agent in North Hykeham, we are located in the heart of the community in The Form shopping centre with free parking. The Lovelle team of property experts are independent and experienced in the Lincoln property market. The heart of our philosophy is pro-activity. Call us today on 01522 694775 and we will be pleased to provide you with free marketing advice.
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    We offer discounts to British Armed Forces personnel. It is also a great way to say 'thank-you' for the amazing work they do.
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    We offer discounts to NHS personnel. It is also a great way to say 'thank-you' for the amazing work they do.
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Proactive Service
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    What you can expect when you instruct us.

    We work harder to bring buyers and sellers together. Our family run business has outstanding local market knowledge, backed up by a network of local branches to offer your property greater regional exposure. We try to keep the whole process as transparent as possible, so you're kept in the picture every step of the way with outstanding client feedback.

    If after our thorough valuation or property appraisal from our professional and friendly representative, you decide to use our estate agency service, below is an outline of what to expect from the moment you instruct us.

    1. Firstly you will receive our property appraisal and supporting documentation promptly following our visit.
    2. We will prepare a high quality sales brochure including photographs and floor plans at no extra cost.
    3. Instruction and the preparation of all property information as required by law will commence promptly after being instructed.
    4. Your property will be advertised on the internet, on websites such as our own, zoopla.co.uk and rightmove.co.uk (Rightmove is ranked No1 property website in the UK).
    5. Your property will be advertised in local newspapers as soon as possible. You will be advised when and where your property will appear.
    6. All viewings at your home will be accompanied unless specifically requested otherwise by yourselves.
    7. Every viewing will be followed up with open and honest feedback.
    8. You will receive regular feedback as to the progress and marketing of your home, including full internet marketing reports.
    9. Should your property not be sold after a reasonable period of time, we will invite you to a review, where we will discuss all viewings, feedback and advertising carried out with the aim of making positive changes (if required).
    10. In an open and professional manner we strive to achieve the best possible price for your home.
    11. When you accept an offer on your property, we'll progress the sale through every stage to completion.
    12. We can recommend a solictor to act for you or work in tandem with your appointed solicitor, to help ensure the smooth sale of your home.
    13. We advise all our clients on any property that they may wish to move into and can provide property surveys with our in-house chartered surveyor services.

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Making the move
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    Preparing for the move ahead.

    Careful organisation and forward planning can minimise the stress of moving house. It feels like there are a million and one things to do when arranging a house move, but with a bit of organisation you can reduce the job into manageable chunks.


    Even though a sale might not be set in stone, it's still worth getting prepared well in advance.


    Firstly make sure your new accommodation is sorted, ensure you have a mortgage in principle and solicitor lined up.

    Check out removal firms, get quotes and check what their insurance covers. They may not cover what you have packed yourself. If you have any high value items, make sure insurance covers these, speak to an expert if you're unsure of an items value. Obtain at least 3 quotes, and check references.

    If you're not using professional removals, now will be the time to start notifying friends and family you might need their help, especially if you have children and pets.

    Start emptying your existing property of clutter, don't take what's not needed or has little emotional value, don't forget your attic / loft which may contain more than you think. Consider hiring a skip. Also start using up and emptying your food stocks from your larder, fridge and freezer.

    Collect appropriate material for packing, boxes, newspaper, bags etc.


    The sale should be more certain, and you should have a good idea when the move will take place.


    You should have finished decluttering, now you'll have an idea if you need any additional storage space. Your chosen removal firm will probably be able to help, but it could be cheaper to source your own storage space.

    If you're renting you'll need to notify your landlord of your moving date.

    Order essential items for your new home, such as carpets or new furniture.

    Check your home insurance covers you from the moment you enter your new home.

    With a firm date in mind, confirm which friends and family will be able to help.





    Preparing for the move ahead


    Contracts have now been exchanged, the move is definitely going ahead.


    Double check moving date, as everything needs to be coordinated.

    Get all items to be moved organised. Draw up a floor plan and label or colour code every room. All boxes can then be labelled or coded appropriately, so the removals company or helping friends know which room a box belongs in.

    Other insurance policies, ensure all policies you may have (life, medical, motor, pets) have been notified of the new address and move date.

    Notify all service providers - Electricity, Gas, Water, Phone, Internet, Cable/Satellite TV

    Notify relevent government agencies - Council Tax, Benefits, TV License, Schools / Colleges

    Notify your place of work of your new address.

    If required, you may wish to book a lock smith to change the locks on your new home.


    Actually disassembling your home now begins.


    You should have received your moving date from your solicitors, if not check and find out when.

    If you're packing yourself, start now with all non-essential items - books, ornaments, clothes, toys. Remember to mark the boxes according to your labelled / colour coded plan.

    Notify all friends and family of your new address, either by mail or online.

    Arrange the time to collect the keys to your new home from the estate agents, then double check your booking details with your removals company.

    Notify all appropriate financial bodies, banks and credit card companies.

    Stop all regular deliveries, such as milk or newspapers. Ensure all postal deliveries are received by putting a redirect in place with the post office at least 5 days before the move.

    Notify other organisations such as Doctors and Dentists, also non-essential organisations such as gym memberships, charities, internet mail order companies etc.





    Preparing for the move ahead


    The big day has almost arrived, besides last minute packing there's a few other things you can do that will make the day go smoother.


    Pack a box with kitchen essentials - kettle, cups, cutlery, tea, coffee and milk. Will you be able to cook? Perhaps think about getting some takeaway menus for when you get peckish. Don't forget a few glasses and a bottle opener in case you want to celebrate.

    A bag of essentials for each member of the family, change of clothes, toiletries, towels, bedding and any medication.

    If friends or family are looking after children or pets during the move, confirm times when they will be collected or dropped off.

    Assemble a box of cleaning products and a vaccuum cleaner. You may have time to give the house a clean before all the boxes and furniture arrive and fill up your new home.

    Make a list of all import numbers on paper or on a mobile phone. If you're using your mobile make sure it's fully charged. Consider having a tradesmen directory to hand (such as the Yellow Pages), you never know if you might need a plumber or electrician.

    Decide what tools you made need for the task of unpacking or re-assembling furniture - screwdrivers, allen keys, stanley knives, tape.

    Defrost the freezer

    Put all valuable items and documents in a safe place.




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Selling Guide
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    What you can do to make your property appealing.
    We strive to give your home market exposure and get potential buyers viewing your property. This guide is how you can help make sure your home meets buyer expectations and ensure a quicker sale.

    When selling your property, making your home as appealing as possible is vital. In a market with more properties available than buyers, it's important that the potential for sale from any viewing is maximised. The large number of properties available means home buyers have become more discerning and demand a higher level of quality from any potential house purchase. Where do you start? The best place is to put your self in the mindset of a potential buyer, what would you expect?

    To help as much as possible, we've put this guide together to give you some pointers on what you can do. You may need to spend time and money in raising the presentation of your home, but a little effort now can lead to a better price and quicker sale.

    First Impressions

    A potential buyer will immediately form an opinion on the property as a whole simply from first appearances. So it's important to make sure your front of house is in order. Compare your house in comparison to those of your neighbours, and best kept homes in the nearby area. Make a list of points where you feel other properties set a high standard, this will help improve your own homes "kerb appeal".

    Lovelle Estate Agency can recommend tradesmen to carry out any of the tasks recommended below.

    Property Exterior

    Roof - Ensure there are no loose or missing tiles, and make sure all leading is undamaged and tidy.

    Guttering & Facias - Make sure all guttering is clear of debris, and any damage is repaired. Ensure any fascias are clean and repaint any metal guttering if necessary.

    Brickwork - Check brickwork for wear, make sure damaged areas are re-pointed. Damaged brickwork could lead a potential buyer to suspect damp issues with internal walls. Painting is a good way to give the outside surface a clean look. Avoid bright, garish colours, as not every one will share your tastes. Instead opt for more neutral colours, such as light creams or magnolia on main areas. Pick out features, such as areas above or below windows in white.

    Front Door(s) and Windows - Clean all windows and windowsills, repair any broken glass, frames or fittings. Make sure the front door works properly and is secure. Make sure any signs of wear are repaired, paint, stain or varnish if necessary. Oil hinges. Keep the door way clean and free of litter and clutter.

    Garage - Make sure the garage door opens and closes easily. All paintwork or finishes look tidy, repaint, stain or varnish worn areas. Ensure the entrance is free of litter and clutter.




    Wall or Fence - Remove moss or weeds that grow on or around a wall or fence. Repair damage and touch up areas of wear and tear for the appearance of good condition. Make sure gates are easily opened and close securely. Oil hinges and latches.

    Path and Drive - Make sure the area is clean and well swept, especially during autumn. Remove any weeds or moss. Use a power washer to create a cleaner, brighter looking path or drive.

    Lawns, Gardens and Hedges - If you have a garden, spend time keeping on top of your garden chores. Keep all lawns regularly mowed, especially during spring and summer. Remove weeds and litter from any borders. Tidy up overgrown trees, bushes and hedges by trimming them down. If your property is surrounded by a lot of trees, consider cutting them back to allow more light into your garden and property. Make sure you get permission before cutting back any trees from neighbouring properties.

    Gravelled or Pebbled areas - Rake for an even finish, remove all litter and weeds.

    In general, repair or replace anything broken, paint, stain or varnish anything showing signs of wear and tear or looking tired. Remove all rubble and tidy up any clutter. If you have a "For Sale" board, make sure it's clearly visible, trim any foliage that may obscure it from being viewed.

    Through the door

    Hopefully you've followed some of, if not all of the previous points and taken steps to improve your property's "kerb appeal". So now you've got some potential buyers through the door we need to try and seal the deal. We need to make sure the property looks as good inside as it does out. So we've listed some general concepts for you to think about and also some room by room pointers to help further improve your homes appeal.

    Interior Concepts

    De-clutter - When a prospective buyer visits your home they'll be trying to imagine it as their home, how they might put their stamp on it. This is where less is more. The less clutter there is in your house, the easier it is for any potential buyer to imagine their own ornaments and furniture in place. Remove any unwanted items (as you're potentially moving in the near future it's a good time to have a clear out) and put any items which may be distracting into storage. This will incur some expense, but will greatly increase your chance of a sale.

    Colour Schemes - Your homes existing colour scheme is a reflection or your personal tastes, something prospective buyers may not share. The best approach will be to create a blank canvas, by using more neutral colours. Creams, white, magnolia and beiges will not only neutralise a room's colour scheme but also help open up a room by adding a more spacious feel. Take time to touch up and freshen any old paint work, redecorate if needed.

    Lights - Ensure that all light fittings are working correctly, replace any bulbs that are blown. It may advantageous to keep all lights switched on when showing a potential buyer around to further the "light spacious" feel, especially on dull days. Use a higher wattage bulb to maximise the effect.

    Smells - It's important your home doesn't have any lingering odours from food, pets or smoking. Your home should smell clean and fresh, this is especially important in the kitchen and bathroom where all work surfaces and tiles should be disinfected. Avoid using over powering scents.




    Room by room

    Entrance Hall - This is usually the first part of your property a prospective buyer will see and as first impressions count, it's important your home feels welcoming. Remove any clutter, put away loose footwear, hang coats and scarfs on proper hangers, clear away newspapers and letters. A new welcome mat will help reduce dirt being walked through the house. Adding a mirror into a hallway can make it feel more spacious and adds interest.

    Living Room - Remove all large and striking items, photos and ornaments which may strongly reflect your own personal tastes or lifestyle. Arrange furniture to make the room feel more open and spacious if possible. Remove any obstructions that could get in the way of a viewing, consider putting any unnecessary furniture into storage.

    Dining Room - Make sure table cloths or runners are clean or new. Create an attractive focal point on the dining table, with a plant or flowers.

    Kitchen - It's important to get this room right, as it's one of the key rooms to a successful property sale. Replace or repair broken worktops. Replace doors on wall and base units with a modern style if they're looking dated. Make sure all appliances are spotless. Clean all tiled areas making sure all grouting is dirt free. Keep the sink clean, disinfected and tidy, clean and put away any dirty dishes. If you have a boiler in the kitchen then box in all pipe work.

    Bathrooms - Keep all personal toiletries and cleaning materials stored out of view. Ensure all the surfaces are sanitised especially the taps, toilet, sink and bath. Replace the shower curtain if necessary and adorn the room with fresh towels.

    Bedroom - It is important the bedroom reflects that it is a place to unwind and relax, also having TVs or computers in a bedroom could give the impression there's a lack of space. So if possible, store or put away all items like TVs, entertainment systems, computers etc, keeping the room tidy and free of clutter. It is very important the bedroom feels spacious. All clothes should be put away and not left on the bed or back of chairs, as doing so can give an impression of the lack of storage space. Storage boxes or suitcases should also be removed from view. If bedding looks worn, replace with new.

    Spare Rooms - It is important to have a purpose for your spare room and clearly define it's function. A spare room upstairs could be a spare room for guests, nursery or playroom, study or office. A spare room downstairs can be interpreted as a utility room, washroom, or again as a study or office. Add furniture to further define the rooms use, if necessary.

    Conservatory - Make sure all windows and doors are clean inside and out, and blinds are dust free. Arrange furniture to maximise floor space and give the impression of being spacious.

    Back Garden - See the same points apply from the previous sections Lawns, Gardens and Hedges and Gravelled or Pebbled Areas. Make sure any outdoor lighting functions correctly. If you don't have any, consider having some installed, as it could prove useful during evening or winter viewings. If you don't have a shed, consider getting one to help store garden and possibly household items. Outdoor furniture increases the usability of the garden and should be added if space allows. Make sure any existing furniture is clean and in good working order. Consider replacing any old or worn looking items.

    Certificates & Receipts - If major improvements have been made to the property, make sure you have any certificates and receipts available to show prospective buyers. Buyers who may wish to purchase your property for rental purposes, will often ask for NICEIC certificates for electrical installations.



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An experienced, passionate and enthusiastic team.
  • Team Member

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    Sarah Jarvis - Director 
    Constantly striving towards our vision and mission statement. Sarah has hit her achievements within her 5 year plan and looks forward to achieving our roadmap into the future. Along with her assistant, Sarah works on setting goals, supporting the staff, marketing, growth of the business and creating a GUNG HO Team. Sarah isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty either as she plays a vital role in working in the business as well as on it. Sarah is driven and focused on her plan for the next five years and enjoys the challenges this may bring for her and the teams. Sarah franchised the Gainsborough Branch in 2016, adding Lettings to the branch in 2018. The purchase of the second branch, North Hykeham, took place in 2019. Lettings for North Hykeham was then purchased during the first Lockdown in 2020. To relax Sarah spends time in her hot tub reading her kindle and also spending time with her Son Bayley and Dolly the sausage dog. She also loves travelling to Spain and her favourite beach as this is her place to unwind. 
  • Team Member

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    Naomi Taylor - Personal Assistant to the Director 
    Naomi joined the company in 2014. Starting as an apprentice with Lovelle and has worked up through the ranks, from trainee to sales negotiator to currently assisting the Director. Currently, Naomi is working on planning, marketing, staff mindset and support and business growth. Learning new skills and expanding her knowledge is critical to be able to keep giving our customers the service they deserve. Naomi has achieved qualifications in Customer Service and Estate Agency. Naomi cherishes the fact she works within a strong work family who show their passion for their work and always strive to be the best. Every staff member has their individual roles within the office but work together to ensure we are the best they can be and provide their customers with great service . The team would love to help you in any way they can, to help you reach your dreams. In her personal life Naomi enjoys socialising with her friends, walking her Springador, sunshine, Gin and baking cakes and sweet treats. Naomi is also currently planning her upcoming wedding!.
  • Team Member

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    Tommy Child - Valuer
    Tommy has worked in range of different sectors from bowling alley to bookmakers perfecting range of invaluable skills and experience. Working within estate agency and gaining knowledge for the past 8 years starting at sales neg to valuer/manager. Originally born in Nottingham and living in North Wales for 14 years Tommy moved to the Lincoln area in 2012. Going the extra mile is a key part of Tommy's work ethic thrives on providing an outstanding experience for every customer. With his honesty and knowledge of the local area this is something that both the branch and Tommy Pride themselves on. In his spare he enjoys playing a range of sports including watching and playing football, spending time with his friends and family, as well as keeping up to date with local properties. tommy.child@lovelle.co.uk
  • Team Member

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    Kelly Clydesdale - Lettings Manager
    Kelly started working for Lovelles Estate Agency as a Lettings negotiator in 2018, being promoted to the lettings manager in North Hykeham at the start of 2021. During this time, Kelly has honed her twenty plus years skills sets, specifically adapting to the challenging and rewarding realm of lettings. She is currently working towards her NVQ Level 3 in property and housing management, thus supporting her knowledge gained during her time at Lovelles. Daily challenges ensure Kelly is motivated, driven and inspired to resolve concerns and worries for her customers. Kelly really enjoys the social aspect of her role, meeting landlords, tenants, contractors and essentially helping people to find their home rather than just a house. The Lovelles team is strong, and extremely supportive which encourages Kelly and her team members to enjoy coming to work, bringing laughter, emotion and the best of themselves. On a personal level, Kelly is kept busy with her young daughter and realising she has a better social life than her mummy! Mummy taxi services is now a key part of Kelly's personal skill set! Trying various flavours of Gin also plays a key part in Kelly's life and she will endeavour to continue this enjoyable hobby. 
  • Team Member

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    Molly Erm- Sales Negotiator 
    Molly has worked at Lovelle Estate Agency since 2020 as a Sales Negotiator. She is currently working towards her Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship. Molly has gained experience working in customer facing roles since she was 13 years old. Her favourite part of the job is meeting new people and finding them their forever home. She will see you through the whole of your purchase or sale with her weekly updates. Molly is known as being the vivacious team member in the North Hykeham Branch. Her colleagues often say that she brings the glam to the office. She is looking forward to building up her experience and knowledge to help her clients. In her personal life Molly loves to socialise with her friends and family and taking her two dogs Tilly and Denzil for walks. She loves to travel and loves going abroad exploring new destinations. Molly is really excited to be apart of the Lovelle family and can't wait to make peoples dreams come true. 
  • Team Member

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    James Butcher- Sales Negotiator/Trainee Valuer
    Having started as an apprentice at the of seventeen, James has continued to grow his wealth of knowledge within the property industry. With over seven years' experience James hopes to continue his growth and climb the ladder within the company. Currently working as a sale negotiator, James aspires to become a full-time valuer and is well on the way to gaining the relevant experience. James strives to go above and beyond to help customers, whether you are looking to sell or find your dream home. He loves being a part strong and passionate team and looks forward to his future within the working family. In his spare time, James plays the drums in a local band called Carry The Crown. He enjoys travelling the country and playing all sorts of shows with the band. They have even featured on Radio 1!
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    No Hassle and Professional agent

    Testimonials from Sellers

    • Seller Testimonial

      I have no hesitation in recommending Lovelles

      For anyone looking for a "No Hassle" and professional agent, look no further than Lovelle Estate Agents in North Hykeham.

      The team are very friendly, experienced and a pleasure to work with.

      They genuinely seemed as happy and excited about the sale of my property as I was.

      Although I didn't encounter any problems, I felt I could approach the team if I needed to.

      The process was fully explained from start to finish and I was kept fully informed throughout the entire process.

      It comes as no surprise to me, that more and more people are using the exceptional services offered by Lovelle Estate Agents.

      I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this estate agency.

      Wishing you every success with your new venture. 

      Mr Marshall


    • Seller Testimonial

      I'd recommend them to anyone to sell their home

      All the staff here at Lovelle were so pro-active throughout the process of selling. It was all so easy from a customers point of view, the team kept us upto date continually. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home.

      It very much feels like you're dealing with family, it is that familiar and friendly. Everyone is so down to earth.

      Mrs Mackenzie


    • Seller Testimonial

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      It was first class service from all involved.

      To Matt and all the team.

      Many thanks for all your hard work in the success of selling our property, and going that extra mile, always keeping us up to date with everything going on and the valuable feedback.

      It was first class service from all involved.

      We will most definitely recommend you and already have, our friends have put their Mums bungalow on the market with you now as they are also confident in your team.

      Thanks again

      Tracey and Gary Brooker

    • Seller Testimonial

      We don't think anyone would have worked harder.

      To Matt, Valda, Becky, Emma and the team

      Thank you so much for all your efforts. We don't think anyone would have worked harder for us.

      The Taylor family

    • Seller Testimonial

      An enthusiasm I have not seen in a long time...
      I have always been told that one of the most stressful times in anyone's life is that of selling a house.The thought of selling someone else's home filled me with trepidation, but as Power of Attorney, it was something that I had to get on with.

      I need not have worried. From the moment I stepped into Lovelle's, I felt confident that you would take all the stress away from me. I was not wrong. The professionalism you displayed, coupled with an easy and friendly manner and an enthusiasm I have not seen for a long time, put my mind to rest. 

      I was kept constantly informed of what was happening and and concerns that developed were quickly and efficiently dealt with.

      Mr Fisher
    • Seller Testimonial

      We'll definitely be recommend your services...
      Thanks for all your help with our sale. We'll definitely be recommend your services to friends and family. 

       Many thanks Michael Brown
    • Seller Testimonial

      You have remained caring and professional...
      To Emma, Matt and Adele. Thank you to you all for helping us buy our next family home. You have remained caring and professional from our first encounter. The process has been very quick and you have all ensured that we have been kept up-to date on every development. A special thank you to Emma,who has worked so hard to meet our tight deadline!! Thanks for everything.

      Mr and Mrs Merryweather
    • Seller Testimonial

      Thank you for all your help...
      Just wanted to say thank you for all your help, support and advice with the sale of my property. It is very much appreciated and it certainly helped knowing you were only a phone call away.

    • Seller Testimonial

      It was a real pleasure doing business with you...
      Thank you so much for all of your help, advice and cheerfulness. Nothing was too much trouble for you. It was a real pleasure doing business with you and we hope those higher up appreciate what a great team you make...

      Mr & Mrs Billanie
    • Seller Testimonial

      We were very impressed with your professionalism..
      We were very impressed with your professionalism and for keeping us informed of progress on a weekly basis...

      Sue & Jackie
    • Seller Testimonial

      To all the team @ Lovelle's. Thank you so much for all of your hard work & support throughout our moving journey. We had so many ups & downs, but we can honestly say having you guys as our agent has been THE BEST part of the whole process - Thank you.

      Mr and Mrs Parnell
    • Seller Testimonial

      we will certainly be using you!
      Thank you for selling our house so quickly! Although i never plan on moving again, if we ever do we will certainly be using you! We wish you all the best.

      Andrew, Laura and Amber
    • Seller Testimonial

      You definitely know how to treat your clients!
      Thank you for providing a professional service for the sale of my property. Nothing was too much trouble, from being flexible with viewing times, to providing me prompt updates. Really liked the weekly updates - That's exactly what a customer wants! You definitely know how to treat your clients!

    • Seller Testimonial

      We would highly recommend you and the team!
      We just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in the sale of our home. We would highly recommend you and the team! 

      Mr and Mrs Ellerker
    • Seller Testimonial

      we would 100% say you're the best!
      Thank you for all that you have done on this emotional journey on buying/selling. You really did go that extra mile for us and we feel like you're friends rather than estate agents! Having never heard of Lovelle's at the start, but we would 100% say you're the best! Feel free to pop in for a coffee anytime!

      Mr and Mrs Grace  

    Testimonials from Buyers

    • Buyer Testimonial

      Thank you Emma for all your help

      Thank you Emma for all your help and helping us to secure our property

      Mr and Mrs C

    • Buyer Testimonial

      Loveliest estate agent
      I have to say you have been the loveliest estate agent to deal with, thank you. I am really impressed that a viewing a property on Sunday is possible. 

      Mr D
    • Buyer Testimonial

      proactive and professional

      What I would like to say is I wish our estate agents were as proactive and professional as you guys

      Mr W 

    • Buyer Testimonial

      Emma has shown exemplary customer service...
      Emma has shown exemplary customer service at all times, from the beginning of the process through to completion. She demonstrated excellent capability in all aspects of my purchase and I felt that she always kept me updated and involved with the process. She also dealt excellently with my solicitors, who were at times very difficult to contact and she always let me know what options I had so that I made the right one. I genuinely felt that she gave me real time and attention during the process and I'd like to say how grateful I am for this. 

      Mr Dobbs 
    • Buyer Testimonial

      I would always go through Lovelle...
      I'd like to thank all of the staff at Lovelle that I have spoken to when I have called: Matt, Adele and Becky. They may not have individually had much involvement in my process, but every time I called somebody would answer in a professional and courteous manner and would either pass me immediately to Emma, or arrange for her to call me back when possible, which always happened. I know this might not sound like much, but when I consider my experience and the experiences of others that I have spoken to about their estate agents I really feel that Lovelle outshine the majority of similar companies in this area. I must say I would recommend Lovelle to anybody that I know and were I to sell or buy again I would always go through Lovelle.

      Mr Dobbs
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