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    Marchand Petit are the specialist lettings agent for coastal, town and country property in the South Hams. 

    From quaint coastal cottages or sea-view apartments to large country estates located throughout South Devon and beyond, the thorough, professional and friendly approach of our lettings management team has seen us match people to property for more than 30 years.  

    Get in touch with the Marchand Petit Lettings Department today on 01548 855599 to arrange a free no obligation lettings appraisal on your property. 
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Quality Tenants, Standards, Properties
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    With Marchand Petit Residential Letting and Property Management Service, we want to give you, the Homeowner or Investment Landlord the comfort of knowing that all letting matters will be cared for by our readily available team.

    We want you to benefit from our specialist knowledge of the lettings market to achieve the best possible rent and Tenant.

    As an independent company we take a personal interest in giving you the best possible service and removing the worry of negotiating complex legal issues when letting your property.

    For your peace of mind, we are members of the following trade and regulatory bodies:

    ARLA - The Association of Residential Lettings Agents - is a professional membership and regulatory body for letting agents and letting agencies in the UK.

    The Guild of Letting & Management, The Guild has long played an important role in providing the lettings industry with an authorative and supportive framework, helping to maintain and advance professional standards on a broad scale.

    TDS - Tenancy Deposit Scheme - The Dispute Service is an independent, not-for-profit, company established in 2003 to resolve tenancy deposit disputes in the private rented sector.

    For extra peace of mind you can choose our Management Plus Service, a rental warranty scheme (rent guarantee policy) assuring you that whatever happens to your Tenants, the rent will always be paid. This is subject to terms and conditions of an insurance policy.

    Here at Marchand Petit, we pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and responsive to our Landlords. We offer a range of Landlord's services -and you can choose which level of management suits you best.
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    Marketing your Property

    We advertise and market your property in a number of ways:

    • Through popular portals such as Rightmove
    • In the property pages of local press and national press if required
    • Featured on our website and through our targeted specialist Rightmove microsite
    • Lettings office window displays
    • Included in property lists distributed throughout our six offices and details shared with prospective Tenants through our mailing lists.
    • Through social media campaigns across Facebook and Instagram

    If you would like any further assistance or advice please do not hesitate to call the Marchand Petit Lettings team on 01548 855599, or visit our Kingsbridge office at 94 Fore Street, Kingsbridge, TQ7 1PP. 
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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Our specialist rental valuers and management team have put together answers in response to your frequently asked questions and concerns:

    1. What about inventories?

    This is a legal requirement if a deposit has been taken. We outsource our inventories to a professional company. The inventory at the start of the tenancy will be at your expense, however at the end of the tenancy, we will ensure that your Tenants pay for the Check Out.

    A signed copy of the inventory is kept on file (for Managed properties) we hold this for all our properties to be used when checking the property when the tenancy terminates and for interim inspections. For Tenant Find only properties, Landlords will be sent a copy of the inventory.

    2. Are there any rules and regulations to which I am bound as a Landlord?

    There are many rules and regulations to consider before letting your home and below we outline the principles of the three most fundamental rules:

    · (a) Fire & Furnishings (Fire)(Safety)(Amendment) Regulations 1993
    These regulations came into force in March 1993. Broadly speaking the regulations require that all soft furnishing, upholstery or upholstered furnishings (including beds, mattresses, pillows, settees, armchairs, scatter cushions and bean bags) should conform and comply with earlier fire safety regulations which have been in force for some time controlling the sale of such goods. The furnishings must comply with the following three tests, each of which measures the flame retardant properties of the furnishings: The Cigarette Test, The Match Test and the Ignitability Test.

    · What must I do to comply?

    · (b) Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 All landlords who let property with gas appliances are subject to this act. This not only includes gas fires and boilers but other appliances such as cookers, hobs and portable heaters.

    What must I do to comply?
    If your property contains gas appliances, they must be serviced on an annual basis and any remedial work undertaken to bring the appliances up to standard. In addition, the engineer must provide a record of the inspection, part of which must be supplied to the Tenant(s). Anyone contracted by a landlord to install, repair or service gas appliances must be GAS SAFE registered.

    Do we organise this as part of our full service? - we organise this unless the Landlord(s) wants to do so.

    · (c) Electric Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994
    These regulations state that all electrical equipment over 50 volts must be safe and also satisfy requirements relating to sleeving of pins on plugs, colour coding of main leads, labelling of cables and fusing information. Although the law does not say that the electrical equipment has to be tested, the best way to protect yourself from prosecution is to have relevant appliances tested annually by a suitably qualified electrician.

    Do we organise this as part of our full service? - we organise this unless the Landlord(s) wants to do so.
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    Finding the Ideal Tenant

    3. How do you select Tenants?

    This is probably one of the most important factors in letting a property and we can assure you that all reasonable steps are taken to research the prospective tenants' background to include instructing an independent credit reference company to make searches from bank, employers and previous landlords.

    4. Do you allow pets?

    If you decide that pets will be allowed, we require an additional £250 per deposit from the tenant and at the end of the tenancy, your tenant is asked to have the carpets professionally cleaned with pet neutralising and flea treatment products.

    5. Do Tenants have to pay a deposit?

    Yes. All Tenants have to pay a deposit equivalent to one and a half calendar month's rent. For Managed Properties, we will register the deposit with The Dispute Service (TDS). The deposit will be returned to the Tenant(s) when they terminate the tenancy providing all the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement have been met. Should there be any contravention of the Tenancy Agreement, the costs incurred are deducted from the deposit and only the balance is refunded to the Tenant(s).

    For Tenant Find only properties, it is the Landlord's responsibility to either hold the deposit in a ring-fenced account or to register the deposit with one of the appropriate schemes. We are happy to advise you on this or register the deposit ourselves, however an additional annual administration fee will apply.

    6. What sort of Tenancy Agreement do you use?

    At Marchand Petit, we use Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements, individually drawn up to suit your needs and requirements. These are for a minimum fixed period of six months and are accepted in the courts of law and by all major building societies.


    7. When do the tenants pay their rent and when do we receive our cheque?

    All rents are due monthly in advance and rent received by us will be transferred into your account, or one nominated by you, within 10 working days of receipt of cleared funds. We will send you a 'statement of account' at the time detailing the rents collected and expenditure incurred by us while acting on your behalf as your managing agent.

    8. How do we know whether our property is being looked after properly?

    For our Managed Properties, we make regular visits to all the properties on our register and you will be advised of any problems that are found during these visits. We also visit the property for other reasons such as late or non-payment of rent, following up problems as reported by the Tenant(s) or if we believe the Tenancy Agreement may have been breached.

    9. Who is responsible for repairs and general maintenance?

    Generally, you are responsible for all costs incurred for repairs and general maintenance. We have a comprehensive list of accredited contractors we use or, alternatively, we will be pleased to follow your instructions and use your nominated contractors should you wish.

    10. Who is responsible for garden maintenance?

    Under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, your Tenant(s) are responsible for your garden and its maintenance and it is, therefore essential that sufficient tools in good working order are included in the inventory for this to be carried out. If your Tenant(s) fail to carry out garden maintenance, we will arrange for the service of a professional gardener and charge the tenant accordingly.

    N.B. It is unlikely that your Tenant(s) will do more than keep the grass cut and borders weeded. If you wish to maintain your garden to a higher standard, please feel free to discuss this with us.

    11. Can we visit our property during the period of tenancy?

    Yes. However, prior arrangements must be made through our office in sufficient time for us to advise your Tenant(s).
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    Ending the Tenancy

    12. How can I regain possession of my property?

    Generally, possession is gained at the end of the fixed term of the tenancy but there are other grounds for terminating the tenancy within the period of the fixed term i.e. arrears of rent, breach of the terms and conditions of the tenancy etc.

    You take possession by serving the correct notices and we will deal with the service of these notices on your behalf. In the rare event of a Tenant(s) failing to vacate the property on the due date, it is likely that court proceedings will have to be brought, which is both time consuming and expensive. Rental & Legal Expenses Insurance is available to protect you and we will be glad to advise you regarding this.

    If you would like any further assistance or advice please do not hesitate to contact Lettings on 01548 855599, or visit our Kingsbridge office at 94 Fore Street, Kingsbridge, TQ7 1PP
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Tenants, we are here for you
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    Why rent with us?

    Renting is highly valued at Marchand Petit Residential Letting and Property Management Service, after all every home is a haven, from a small apartment to a manor house. We aim to provide quality properties and services for our Tenants, with many of them renewing their tenancies from one year to the next.

    We make renting a home with Marchand Petit a smooth, stress-free experience. 
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    Application for a Tenancy/References

    To help you eliminate unexpected surprises, we have outlined our guidelines for tenants renting a property with Marchand Petit:

    • When you make an offer for tenancy of a suitable property, all prospective Tenants over the age of 18 years will need to complete reference forms and return them within 3 days. There is a fee for completion.
    • Using the information you provide, we will start the referencing process which takes between 2 and 5 working days, depending on referee responses.
    • If, as in some cases a guarantor is required, we will need you to complete further forms with no additional charge.
    • Once references have been approved, if you can't move in immediately for whatever reason, you may be required to pay the advanced month's rent to secure the property. Please note the advanced month's rent is non-refundable if interest is withdrawn in the property.

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    Tenancy Deposit

    When we have completed the referencing process, the Tenancy agreement can be signed with all named Tenants present at the same appointed time within our office.

    We will also require the deposit, equivalent to one and a half months rent plus the first month's rent at this appointment.

    We will need to have received cleared funds at least 3 days before a tenancy starts, either by an advanced BACS transfer or cash.
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    You can collect the keys from our Kingsbridge office on the start day of your tenancy, during working hours Monday to Friday, 9.00m - 5.30pm.

    We will provide 2 copies of the inventory - please check and mark any discrepancies then sign and return a copy to our Lettings Office within 5 days.

    This document will be used to verify the condition of the property when you vacate the property and can protect your deposit in the event of any dispute.

    The property is let as seen and no further fixtures, fittings of furniture will be provided or removed.

    Schedule of Condition

    For the duration of the tenancy you will be responsible for the property, immediately reporting any damage or problems which may arise, to Marchand Petit Lettings or the Landlord.

    When you leave the property, it will be checked against the inventory, with a fee for the check-out inspection charged against your deposit. Any discrepancies will need to be rectified at your expense before the deposit or balance of it can be released.

    We strongly advise that you take out your own Contents Insurance for the duration of your tenancy.

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    Rental Payments

    We will provide you with written notification of the rental payments bank account to make payments into by standing order.

    You will need to ensure that rent has cleared into our account by the due date of the tenancy agreement otherwise a late charge will be applied.

    If the property is not managed by Marchand Petit Lettings, the name and address of the Landlord will be sent to you in writing, for any necessary contact.

    You, the Tenant are responsible for paying all household utility bills for the duration of the tenancy.

    These are guidelines - full Tenancy Guidelines and Agreements can be found on our website at www.marchandpetit.co.uk or from our Kingsbridge office at 94 Fore Street, Kingsbridge, TQ7 1PP, phone 01548432007

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    Quality Tenants, Standards and Properties
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    With Marchand Petit Residential Letting and Property Management Service, we want to give you, the Homeowner or Investment Landlord the comfort of knowing that all letting matters will be cared for by our readily available team. We want you to benefit from our specialist knowledge of the lettings market to achieve the best possible rent and Tenant. As an independent company we take a personal interest in giving you the best possible service and removing the worry of negotiating complex legal issues when letting your property.
  • Team Member

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    Natasha Benfield MARLA Lettings Manager
    I have lived in the South Hams area since 1994, where I ran with my husband our own restaurant/pubs and outside catering business, having a few mentions in the Telegraph and Times. 

    I then decided it was time to move on and joined the estate agency business, and have been with Marchand Petit for 14 years - 13 of them within the Lettings Department. Outside of work, I am involved with Kingsbridge Rugby Club, where both my children play, and also support Exeter Chiefs.I love walking my Spocker dog Fern in the area, especially Bantham Beach. I also really enjoy the French Alps and rose wine!
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    Ava Corrigan - Lettings Negotiator
    Ava's career in property started in 2022 having previously worked in retail for 5 years. Having decided retail was not a career path she wanted long term, she became a Trainee Lettings Negotiator in a Plymouth based estate agents. Discovering a love for property and finding tenants their perfect homes, Ava progressed from a trainee to a Property Consultant, completing all aspects of lettings, from tenant finds to property maintenance and management. 

    Ava joined the Marchand Petit lettings team as a full time Lettings Negotiator in 2023, favouring the beauty of the countryside over the busyness of the city. Ava lives in the South Hams area with her family and their Working Cocker Spaniel, Albie. On her days off she can be found either lost in a book or on the water, swimming, kayaking, or taking Albie for a paddleboard along the estuary.
  • Team Member

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    Jo Parsons - Property Management Coordinator
    I started my career in hospitality working for the Hilton group. I moved to Salcombe 17 years ago and have worked in Holiday Lettings for several years, along with other administrative work along the way. I decided I wanted to be part of a larger company with more career prospects, so I joined Marchand Petit as the Property Management Co-ordinator.  

    My spare time is spent driving around the county taking my two boys to all their sporting events. When we do get a weekend free, we spend our time walking with our two dogs, going out on the boat, and exploring all the beautiful beaches.
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