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Home EV charging made easy with Hive and British Gas

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Thinking about switching to electric driving? British Gas and Hive make everything about EV ownership super simple – from getting a fast charger installed on your driveway, to using the latest smart tech to schedule your charges, cut your carbon and save money.

EV driving is simpler with a fast home charger

One of the great things about EV driving is the convenience of charging at home. Instead of keeping an eye on your fuel tank and heading to the petrol station every time you run low, you can get into the habit of just plugging in your car when you’re at home.

British Gas and Hive’s charger installation package includes everything you need. It costs £1,199 – or you can spread the cost at 0% interest, with 10 monthly payments of £119.90. *

You get expert installation of a state-of-the art fast charger, plus easy control of your charging through the award-winning Hive app. You can even get an amazing 8,000 miles of free driving in your first year… more on that later!**

A person plugging an EV charger into a car

Meet your sleek, smart charger

The EO Mini Pro 3 charger is one of the smallest on the market. Its height and width are about the same as an A5 sheet of paper, which means it doesn’t take up too much precious space on your driveway.

But don’t let the compact size fool you. The EO delivers 7.2kWh of power, so it can charge the average EV battery from empty to full in 8 hours – making it perfect for handy overnight charging.

  • Compatible with all EVs and plug-in hybrids
  • Works with any electricity tariff
  • Installation comes with a 3-year warranty

The EO charger is packed with the latest features. It’s compatible with solar panels and has important safety specs like fuse overload protection, fault detection and protective shut-off. It’s also available tethered or untethered.

EV charger installation – how it works

An EV charger has more power than most of the electrics in your home. That’s why it’s a lot faster than simply charging your car from the mains socket – and it’s also why installation is definitely a job best left to the professionals.

Choosing installation by a British Gas-approved engineer means you can relax knowing everything is done to the highest standards. The process they use is also designed to make sure everything goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Step 1: Book online

Just go to Hive EV charging to buy your charger installation.

Step 2: Share photos

To speed things up, send some photos of your driveway and electrics.

Step 3: Home check

If needed, an expert will check your electrics, in person or on a video call.

Step 4: Installation

It takes 3-5 hours to install (and then show you how everything works).

You just need to be the homeowner (or have permission from the homeowner) – and you’ll need to have a driveway on your property too.

A person installing a Hive charger on the side of a garage

Control your charging with the Hive app

Every day, over 2 million people use the free Hive app to control everything from their lights to their heating. The app makes controlling your EV charging just as simple. You can:

  • Set charging schedules
  • Track charging history
  • See exactly what you’re spending

The app syncs directly with your energy tariff to find the best times to charge – and also sends you instant alerts whenever charging starts and finishes.

Enjoy Hive’s latest smart charging features

As well as being easy to use, Hive also gives you access to advanced modes like SmartCharge and FreeCharge. All you’ll need to use either feature is electricity supplied by British Gas and a smart meter installed in your home.

What is SmartCharge?

SmartCharge is the free feature that gives you cheaper, greener electricity for your EV. Once you enable it in the app, Hive works out the best times to charge and get your car ready for the next time you need it.

You just leave your EV plugged in when you’re at home. The software works out when the electricity grid is quiet, which means you get energy that’s cheaper and also more likely to come from renewable sources like wind and solar.

At the end of the month, the money you save with SmartCharge is automatically credited to your bill. It really couldn’t be easier.

Plus, when SmartCharge is paired with British Gas’s Electric Driver Tariff, you’ll be charging your car when it’s cheapest and greenest at under 5p per kWh.  

What is FreeCharge?

FreeCharge is the special introductory offer for new customers who have Hive EV Charging, a British Gas electricity tariff and a smart meter.*** It works the same as SmartCharge. You just keep your EV plugged in and let Hive find the best times to charge.

But there’s a BIG difference: for the first 12 months, you’ll get 100% of your charging in SmartCharge mode refunded, up to a maximum of 8,000 miles. And if you want to feel even better about switching to an EV, just imagine how much you’d spend in a petrol station to drive that far!

Ready to go EV?

Having your own fast charger at home is the best way to unlock the full benefits of your EV. To find out more about getting a nifty EO charger installed on your driveway, Check out all the details at Hive EV Charging.

*Finance option available only with professional installation and subject to credit check.

**You’ll get up to 8,000 miles of free EV charging, within a 12-month period, capped at 2,290kWh. You’ll need to have a smart meter and have an electricity tariff with British Gas. Please read the FreeCharge Terms & Conditions and FAQs on the Hive website.

***For more details on eligibility and usage conditions, please read our FreeCharge Terms & Conditions and FAQs.

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