Renting on the London commuter belt has given our lives balance

Matt and April met at the University of Oxford whilst studying for an English degree. The couple both lived in the city at the time and massively enjoyed exploring and getting to know the area.

After graduating, the pair’s relationship evolved into a more long-distance romance, as Matt was working in London while April stayed on in Oxford to work in publishing. April was renting in East Oxford in a two-bedroom flat and Matt was living in East London in a house-share with five other people, which meant the couple only spent time together at weekends.

But things soon changed when they took the plunge to live together. Oxford was top of their list as it had always had a special significance to them as the place they’d first met.

When they first discussed which areas they should look at, Oxford ticked a lot of boxes. Matt would need to be able to commute to and from London, and while somewhere like Reading was a consideration, it just didn’t have the same emotional pull as Oxford.

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Matt and April had ruled out London on the basis it didn’t make sense to pay London prices for one person to still have to travel to work. They also felt it didn’t make financial sense to live in between London and Oxford and both pay for season tickets on the trains. Their thinking was pragmatic; if only one person had to commute long distance, the other could get home and start cooking dinner or make a start on other jobs around the house. Oxford it was.

Not long after deciding that Oxford was the area they saw themselves living in together, they found themselves on Rightmove looking for rental properties in the city. By chance, just a few days later, a two-bedroom mid-terrace house became available on the website and it was “just meant to be”, according to the couple.

Their requirements when looking for a property to rent in Oxford included being close to the train station as Matt was commuting daily to London, and another consideration was that their budget was non-negotiable.

Our move with Rightmove helped make our dream come true.  

April contacted the agent and viewed the house while Matt was at work, taking pictures and sending them to him as she went. The couple said it exceeded every expectation they had.

So, they made an offer, put down the deposit and a few hours later the house was theirs. Surprisingly, after moving into their new home, Matt mentions that he is closer to the River Thames living in Oxford than he was when he lived in the capital.

The couple are delighted with their new place and agree that living away from the hustle and bustle of London has made them happier. The commuting lifestyle suits them to a tee and living together has made them even closer as a couple.

April and Matt say that the downstairs is very cosy, and they enjoy spending time in the kitchen, looking out into the garden. The house, situated on a no-through road, came furnished and equipped with heaps of crockery, which saved them a small fortune. There are two bedrooms, one bathroom, a spacious hallway, open-plan living and dining room and a garden they can’t wait to use in the summer.

They love entertaining and hosting friends and feel that their move with Rightmove helped make their dream come true.

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