It started with a tweet!, Rightmove, property investment and live podcasts

The other day I received a tweet, nothing strange there, as my husband regularly complains that my phone goes so much from tweets that it could generate it’s own power source.

Two things struck me about this tweet:

1. Who was Robert Bence?

2. What on earth had he said about me?

I double checked the tweet and saw the word ‘lovely’, ok it couldn’t be bad!

I nervously opened the weblink to find that they were doing a Podcast on using Rightmove for Property Investors.   I looked at their webpage where the podcast was featured and it included some great tips for property investors, intrigued I listened to the Podcast.

The Podcast was presented by Rob Bence and Rob Dix, they have a cheeky-chappy way of presenting that engages you from the moment you listen.  My husband and I listened to their tips for using Rightmove for Property Investors and although this could be a dry topic they made it fun, interesting and easy to relate to.

After listening I tweeted Rob back to say thank you, but couldn’t leave it there.  Who were these guys? and where had they come from?

When did you two meet?

We met when Rob D interviewed Rob B for his other podcast, the confusingly similarly named Property Geek Podcast ( We found that we were both podcast addicts and business bookworms, so we stayed in touch sharing recommendations, and when Rob B wanted to start his own podcast there was only one choice. Rob D would like to take this as testament to his broadcasting skills, but he was probably the only person who actually knew what a podcast was.

How did you come up with the concept of The Property Podcast?

Property is a fixation for so many people in the UK, so it seemed strange to us that there wasn’t a podcast dedicated to us. We wanted to appeal to the casual listener as well as providing detailed information for investors as obsessive as we are, and hopefully we’ve filled that gap successfully.

We both listen to hours of business and personal developments every week, so we stole elements of all our favourite shows. We knew that we wanted to put together a show that was snappy, accessible, and entertaining as well as informative. Every week we share a news story that caught our eye, a resource that we use to run our businesses, and break down one main topic into (hopefully) useful and actionable advice.

So where did I, the @rightmoveaddict come into this podcast.  Well the brave duo tried to pass themselves off as the number one Rightmove fan – honestly! They did condeed that no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t beat me!

They recently undertook the scary task of a live podcast, with unexpected nature of LIVE

Why did you decide to do it?

Interaction with our listeners is our favourite part of doing the show, so we thought it’d be great to take questions in real-time rather than just having people email them to us. Maybe there was also an element of proving to ourselves that we’re capable of making sense un-edited!

What was your topic?

The whole episode was driven by listener questions, so we jumped around all over the place and romped through as many of them as we could fit in. A lot of the questions were about finance and mortgages, and we also had a good number about how to find good property deals. We also managed to fit in tips for beginners, book recommendations, and answer one really interesting question about whether a listener should switch careers and work as an estate agent as a route into property investment.

Can you describe the experience?

Sweaty and terrifying! But once we were five minutes in and it became clear that people had showed up, the technology was working and we were hitting our stride, it was loads of fun.

Any more LIVE podcasts planned for the future?

Definitely – now we’ve figured out how to do it we’ll keep doing them occasionally for sure. Just give us a little while to recover first…

I would highly recommend their website, The Property Podcast, there is an ever increasing catalogue of fantastic podcasts, including: The First Time Buyers Guide, Build Your Property Dream Team, Buy to Let vs Buy to Sell, and many more.

Here is the Podcast Rightmove for Property Investors

Do you know that Rightmove now have their own Property Investment page? You can even sign up to their newsletter.

Thank you to Rob B and Rob D and remember ‘Britain Moves at Rightmove’.


Andrea Morgan has always had a passion for homes and interiors and strives to share a consumer viewpoint on the Industry. She also has a popular twitter account @RightmoveAddict together with a successful blog and soon to launch a new business under the same name. Andrea has been featured in Show Home magazine, written a number of guest blogs including consumer focused articles for Rightmove and presented on the interiors stage at Grand Designs Live.

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