Congratulations, you’re buying property overseas! It’s an exciting and enjoyable experience, especially for those looking to emigrate or invest in a holiday home.

However, when it comes to life-changing decisions like buying property overseas, there are a few people it’d pay off to have on speed dial during the process.

At Your Overseas Home, we believe there are THREE key connections you need for a safe and secure property purchase abroad. Let’s introduce them…

Estate agent

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Just like when buying property in your home country, nine times out of ten you’ll go through an estate agent. When buying property overseas, your estate agent is essentially your overseas property expert. They will have a brilliant understanding of the property market and have a huge amount of potential, especially if you’re unsure of where to buy. It’s their job to find you your perfect home, so don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off them.

Currency specialist

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What’s a currency specialist, I hear you ask? Well, unlike your bank, a currency specialist is an expert in foreign exchange so has a better understanding of the current market and its daily movements. For example, Smart Currency Exchange, a partner of Rightmove, specialises in helping those buying property overseas – that’s you! They’re able to advise you on your budget and discuss the best currency services tailored to your requirements.

A common service used by those buying property overseas is a Forward Contract. This is a legal contract that allows you to lock in a preferred exchange rate for up to 12 months, thus protecting you from a potentially souring exchange rate.


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When buying property overseas, it’s common for the legal proceedings to take place in a foreign language. That’s where an overseas lawyer can help. Most law firms have English-speaking solicitors in-house and they’ll be able to run you through any contracts in a foreign language, s you know what you’re signing. A lawyer can also be used to help you secure visas, and residency and assist in any property law matters.

Where to find these experts?

Well, Rightmove partners with a range of trusted professionals from Spain to Turkey and beyond. Our partner Your Overseas Home actually specialises in helping overseas property buyers connect with these professionals.

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To be put in touch with an overseas estate agent, currency specialist or lawyer, fill out this short form and one of Your Overseas Home’s property consultants will be in touch.

Good luck with your plans to buy overseas!

Written by Your Overseas Home for Rightmove

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