How would you like to live on a Greek island? It can indeed be a dream come true for some people. While experiences and lifestyles vary depending on the island, you can expect to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, a slower pace of life, a strong sense of community, a gorgeous Mediterranean climate and excellent infrastructure.

But what Greek island to choose? Here we’ll briefly introduce five Greek islands that are the most popular with international property buyers.



A diamond Greek Island: Crete

As the largest and most populated Greek island, Crete offers diverse landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to cliff-lined beaches. Heraklion, the island’s capital, serves as the main entry point. Crete has managed to retain its authentic Greek charm, making it appealing to both British expats and other northern Europeans. Properties in Crete start at €100,000 for village homes in need of a little TLC, whereas a three-bedroom villa in Chania could cost €350,000.



Find your home in Mykonos today

Known as the Island of the Winds for the crisp, cool sea breeze it enjoys, Mykonos has a vibrant nightlife and glamorous atmosphere. Mykonos is often called Greece’s answer to St. Tropez and Ibiza. The island is part of the Cyclades group and features beautiful, whitewashed buildings in Mykonos Town. While it can be lively during the summer, out-of-season visits reveal a more relaxed and traditional way of life – perfect for those looking to enjoy the tourism it attracts and a slower pace of life. Properties in Mykonos average €7,256 per metre squared, while the average apartment costs €551,300 and the average home €1,470,200.


Zakynthos (Zante)

A gorgeous town house in Zante

Also known by its Greek name Zakynthos, Zante is the third-largest island in the Ionian Sea. Its eastern coast attracts package tourists, while the central regions and western shores offer forested mountains and stunning white sand beaches. Navagio, or “shipwreck beach,” is particularly famous for its limestone cliffs and turquoise waters. There is a range of properties available in Zante, from village homes for under €200,000 to small villas (From €220,000). If it’s a coastal villa you’re after, expect to pay a premium of over €600,000, although that will fall if you want less than four bedrooms.



Famous for its breathtaking sunsets, Santorini is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea. Its iconic, white-washed buildings with blue domes overlooking the caldera create a unique and romantic atmosphere. Santorini is a top choice for property buyers seeking luxury and unmatched natural beauty. Santorini offers exclusive luxury villas with panoramic sea views, caldera vistas, and traditional village homes in towns like Oia and Thira. Prices average €4,910 per metre squared, and there are minimal but elegant homes available from €400,000.



Browse properties for sale in Rhodes today

Located in the Dodecanese group, Rhodes boasts a rich history, medieval architecture, and beautiful beaches. The Old Town of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the island offers a mix of cultural experiences and natural beauty. It’s a great option for those looking for a blend of history and relaxation. Properties across Rhodes are more affordable than neighbouring Greek islands, with the average apartment costing €132,800 and the average home costing €332,000.


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