If you’re buying a property overseas, there will be lots of things you’ll be itching to do, like browse properties and buy new furnishings, but one of the most significant things to consider is your exchange rate.

As an international property buyer, fluctuations in currency exchange rates can greatly impact the overall cost of your dream property, especially when not taken into account.

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At Rightmove Overseas, we want to ensure you make informed decisions when buying international property. As such, we’ve partnered with Smart Currency Exchange, a trusted expert in this field, to guide you through the process.

Smart Currency Exchange is a foreign exchange company that specialises in assisting people with large, overseas money transfers, like property. As currency specialists, they’re able to offer a selection of services that your high-street bank can’t, that allow you to benefit from favourable exchange rates. The most popular service is a currency Forward Contract.

What is a currency Forward Contract?

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A forward contract is a financial agreement that allows you to lock in a specific exchange rate for a future transaction, up to one year in advance. This means you can set an exchange rate today, if favourable, and use it to buy your overseas property when the time comes. That way, you’ll know exactly how much it’ll cost in euros, dollars or the corresponding currency.

A currency forward contract protects you against currency fluctuations that could affect the price of your property.

For example, if you agree to buy a home overseas today and plan to complete the purchase in six months, a currency forward contract allows you to lock in today’s exchange rate for your chosen currency pairing. Therefore, regardless of how the markets move over the next six months, you’ll still paid the agreed rate, bringing certainty to your property purchase.

It’s worth noting that if the exchange rate improves, you will still be bound by your forward contract as it’s legally binding. If you are willing to take the risk of volatility on just some of your budget, you can get a forward contract on some or part of your overseas budget.

The importance of a currency forward contract

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As an international property buyer, the last thing you want is for the fluctuating currency market to increase the cost of your dream property. A currency forward contract is designed to protect your budget from exposure to said volatile markets. They offer stability in an often unpredictable market. With a currency forward contract in place, you’re shielded against unfavourable fluctuations, ensuring that you stick to your budget and avoid any unexpected costs.

A trusted currency partner

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At Rightmove Overseas, we understand that not everyone is used to exchanging large sums of money and you want peace of mind that your money is in safe hands.

That’s why we are partnered with Smart Currency Exchange. They’re there to help you navigate the market and find the services best suited to you and your requirements. Find out more in our Currency Zone.

Smart Currency offers personalised services and you’ll be assigned a dedicated personal account manager who will be your point of call throughout your time with them.

They offer a range of services, including spot contracts for immediate transactions and forward contracts for future transactions. With their guidance, you can secure a favourable exchange rate and protect your funds from currency fluctuations.

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In international property purchases, currency forward contracts are a powerful tool to protect your investment from the unpredictability of exchange rates. With the help of our trusted partner, Smart Currency Exchange, you can navigate this process with confidence and security.

Remember, planning is key when buying property overseas. By understanding and utilising tools like currency forward contracts, you can ensure your international property purchase is a smart and successful investment. Trust Rightmove Overseas and Smart Currency Exchange to guide you every step of the way.

For more information, download Smart Currency Exchange’s free report or visit the Currency Zone.