Have you always dreamed of owning a holiday home in the United States?

Well now is the perfect time to make that dream come true. Whether you are looking to make a shrewd investment to generate maximum rental income, or you are looking to find your dream holiday home, with prices low and rents high, there is no better time or place to buy than in the US. The UK has always had a strong relationship with Florida and it is easy to see why. Sunshine, theme-parks, natural beauty, a common language and regular flights makes Florida the perfect place for a UK resident to select their first holiday home.

Over the last 12 months we have seen a big increase in the demand for foreclosure properties in the US, but it’s very important you can untangle the web before picking the ideal property. Due to their nature, Foreclosed properties can bring some little hidden surprises if you are not careful – or are being given the wrong advice! There are a few rules you can follow to help you, but you should always use the services of a professional licensed US Realtor before embarking on this journey. Any property you are considering purchasing should have full clean and clear title, as they say in the US “no grey clouds hanging over it” and the title should be certified by the Florida Housing Department. It’s also crucial you receive a copy of the structural report; many foreclosure properties are in a desperate state of repair and may end up costing you more money than you wanted to spend. The majority of foreclosed properties are purchased by investors because of the rental returns they yield. A lucrative foreclosed investment property should be residential and attractive to long term tenants who live and work in the area, so if you get it right it could yield you 12% per year. Foreclosures are a great way to buy in the United States at a low price, but don’t ever be fooled. If you see a fantastic property advertised at a very low price, the likelihood is there is a good reason for it. America Homes does not believe in making a quick sale at the jeopardy of our customers, we only sell properties who meet a very strict criteria. All of our properties have clean and clear title and come fully refurbished to a Grade A standard, on average we spend $20,000 dollars on each house we sell, peace of mind is invaluable when buying a property overseas.

The rental and management company also play a crucial part in the success of your investment. Long distances and time differences can often leave investors feeling isolated and unsure about how their property is performing. When renting a property there are two very important considerations. One, the speed of finding a suitable renter and two, the likelihood of keeping the property rented. At America Homes we are acutely aware of these twin considerations and as such ensure that we team up with the very best Property Management companies in the US. One such company is Rentals Orlando who we trust to deal with our clients demands and have done so over the last 12 months. Rentals Orlando showcases each property for rental, meets with prospective renters and selects tenants for your property, they have a very thorough screening process ensuring you get the best possible clients into your property.

America Homes is now one of the leading US property companies, we have has just opened our first European office in Northamptonshire, England. With property showrooms in Orlando, United Kingdom, Singapore and China we can offer our clients a global network that other real estate companies cannot rival. At America Homes we believe it’s very important that clients can come and meet us face to face over a coffee before even considering purchasing in the United States. Transparency and visibility is key when you are looking to invest a large sum of money in a foreign country. All of our Realtors are fully licencesd under US law so you can be assured you are dealing with professionals at every level of your purchase. We have an extensive range of the very best US foreclosed properties and holiday homes in the leading gated communities. Our exclusive agreements with banks and Asset Management companies means you can be assured you are getting the best deal out there. Unlike some other US property companies we do not just list each and every development we are offered, instead we take the time to evaluate the full investment and ownership potential before we present it to you. The Florida housing market is coming back strongly. After 5 years the month on month growth in the market is now undeniable. What is clear is that the market is no longer just dominated by bargain-hunters looking for cheap property but a renewed wish for people to have a second home in Florida and at a great price.

Our new UK property showroom has been established to ensure our clients have all the tools at their disposal to make the right decision, we will hold your hand through every step of buying a property in the US. If you are not as convinced as we are, we are willing to go one step further. America Homes will buy back your property for the full purchase price you paid! Not only that we will give you a free warranty on your new home and even offer you a rental package if you want one. Currently there is no-one else selling properties in the US offering what we can give you, so make the right choice and choose America Homes for your US property.

Please feel free to contact us today to make an appointment to come and see us, or alternatively why not book a US Inspection trip and get to see everything first hand. Our Inspection trips are the cheapest in the industry and you can be assured you will receive five star treatment. We will even come and see you if you prefer in your place of work or local coffee shop. Looking for ward to meeting you soon, regards the team at America Homes.

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