Think of Italy and the first place that comes to mind is the nation’s capital, the Eternal City of Rome.

Yet the fact that Rome is an integral part of Lazio- geographically, at the heart of Italy—has often been overlooked. That is changing rapidly as Lazio in its entirety gains popularity as a haven for an enviable lifestyle that blends the best of many worlds. Showcasing the infinite charms of nature, embellished with timeless historical wonders and exuding the trappings of modern comforts, the Lazio region provides an irresistibly welcoming setting for a joyous life ahead.

Thanks to its location, Lazio has something to offer for everyone: be it lovers of art and architecture, sports aficionados or those with a penchant for nocturnal life in the buzzing city of Rome. From the relaxing thermal spas such as the Terme di Papi near Tarquinia or the medieval town of Viterbo that is replete with exotic shops and classic Italian restaurants to a plethora of sporting haunts – including popular golf courses such as the Tarquinia Country Club, Golf Club Le Querce, Viterbo Golf Club – the range of choices available to enjoy the pleasures of life is, dare we say, overwhelming!

Property investment in Lazio gains momentum

The Lazio Maremma region, an extension of the Tuscan coastal region, bordering Umbria to the East and facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, is significantly cheaper than the higher-profile neighboring regions such as Umbria or Tuscany. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this heartland of the Etruscan civilization has now become a major attraction for property buyers and investors. The excellent potential of property investments in northern Lazio has been unraveled in the recent past, particularly in places like Tarquinia and Tuscania, a place whose timeless beauty has been captured on celluloid by famed Director Franco Zefferelli several times! The unspoiled natural beauty; remnants of the medieval ages; picturesque countryside; enjoyable cuisine; proximity to major airports and the excellent connections to Tuscany, Umbria and Rome make North Lazio property an even more attractive proposition.

The turreted villages in the Etruscan centres of Tarquinia and Tuscania – with its serene settings dotted with vineyards and olive groves and the ethnic charms of meandering cobblestone streets – transport its inhabitants into a glorious bygone era, where life moved on at its leisurely pace. All this without any compromise on the modern comforts of life and means of entertainment! These ‘traditional’ towns and villages epitomize the Italian way of life.

Northern Lazio or ‘La Tuscia’ is a paradise for nature lovers”. The pristine lakes Vico and Bolsena are crystal-clear and drinkable clean. The aesthetically pleasing countryside and pleasant little towns combine to offer visitors and second home buyers a perfect getaway. The countryside around Lake Bolsena has especially a range of new and resale properties available in this region at unbelievably attractive prices, starting from just Euros 60,000! Here, buyers can own a lovely home near Rome- be it top quality luxury villa or a compact townhouse in historical centres- for almost half the price they would pay in Tuscany!

With professional agents like Dom in Rome to assist prospective buyers with a host of end-to-end services, buying a property here in Lazio is an enjoyable experience. “Our aim is to provide clients with a stress-free purchase; hence we offer buyers all kinds of support. For instance, we arrange hotel bookings and assist with transportation for viewings,” says the General Manager of Dom in Rome , Andrew Anderson. “But most importantly, we provide buyers with a wide range of high quality properties; guaranteed title deeds and flexible payment terms, so buyers can really rest assured when buying a property through us.” Contact us on 0039 0683519288 or at