Rightmove Overseas and Phillip M. Rigsby of Premiere Plus Realty Co. have teamed up to bring buyers more than 300 new property listings in Naples, Florida.

Agent, Phillip M. Rigsby said of the partnership “It’s an exciting new venture for us. Naples has some beautiful properties to offer, and I’m delighted to be working hand in hand with Rightmove Overseas to secure buyers a piece of this world class location”

Naples, Florida, the quaint sea side town on the Gulf of Mexico has been the crown jewel of the Florida coastline since the 1800’s. Locals and property owners, including some of America’s most influential business leaders and personalities strived to keep this spot of the world their secret destination. Well, the secret is out. People love Naples and the international population reveals this. Of all of the choices in the world to spend your time, Naples proves to be very high on this list.

Beaches, sunshine, golf, dining, shopping, entertainment are all found in abundance and quality in Naples. World class beaches and some of the finest golf courses designed by the top architects are what you will find. Nearly 180 golf courses are within a 30 minutes’ drive. 5th Ave. South and 3rd St. South won’t disappoint with exquisite dining and entertainment. Check out Campiello, Sea Salt, and Handsome Harry’s as your taste buds will thank you. This downtown Naples area is also known for its attention to the arts.

Now about the weather. Some say it’s quite boring… If your idea of boring is the tropical climate with palm trees swaying in the warm breeze. Highs average from the high 70’s to mid 90’s. In the southwest part of the “Sunshine State” we enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Summer is considered the rainy season with the predictable afternoon shower, followed by sunshine. Easy pattern to account for.

Naples beaches are top level. When downtown there are many public accesses to the beach, including Lowdermilk Park. One of the “hidden” gems in the Vanderbilt Beach area up from the Ritz Carlton is Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park/Beach. This is true Florida nature as you walk through the mangroves to reveal the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Many picnic and restroom shaded facilities are tastefully disguised in the mangroves as to not take away from the natural setting. You must experience this to appreciate it.

Phillip M. Rigsby with Premiere Plus Realty Co. will aid you in learning the ins and outs of the local life in the Naples area. Evidence shows the market is changing quickly in this highly sought after location, and buyers are encouraged not to delay in capturing their dreams.

Check out the properties from Premiere Plus Realty Co in Naples, or call Phillip himself to find out more.

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