If you’re looking to buy a property in the République Française, the choice of homes can be overwhelming. From the rustic charm of farmhouses to the grand elegance of Maison de maitres, the variety of property types in France is astounding. There truly is a property for every taste and budget. This article will introduce you to the various property types in France, their common locations, and their typical selling prices.


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The first property type we’ll explore is the ‘longère’. This traditional French rural property is typically a long, rectangular building with a slate roof. Longères are commonly found in the western regions of Brittany and Normandy. Although prices vary depending on size and condition, you can expect to pay around €150,000 to €350,000 for a longère.



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Next, let’s move on to farmhouses. Perhaps one of the most popular property types in France, farmhouses can be found in the countryside and often come with a large plot of land. They are prevalent throughout France but are particularly common in regions like the Charente and Dordogne. The price of a farmhouse depends on its size, location, and the amount of land included, but typically they range from €200,000 to over €1 million.



Vying for a villa?

Villas are another popular property type in France. These are often larger homes with gardens or even a pool, typically found in the south of France or along the French Riviera. Prices for villas vary significantly, but you can expect to pay from €300,000 for a small villa in a less sought-after location and up to several million euros for a luxurious villa in a prime location.


Maison de Maitre

Manor house - property types in France

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The ‘Maison de maitre’ or ‘master’s house’ is a grand townhouse, often featuring high ceilings, large rooms, and traditional architectural features. These properties are usually found in towns and cities throughout France but are particularly common in Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Nantes. Maison de maitres are among the pricier property types in France, typically selling for €500,000 to over €2 million.



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Apartments are hugely popular in French cities and larger towns. Paris, of course, is famous for its chic, centrally located apartments, but you can find these types of properties throughout the country. Prices vary widely, but an apartment in a city like Lyon or Marseille might set you back between €200,000 and €500,000, while in Paris, prices start at around €500,000 and can reach well into the millions.



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Certainly, no discussion of French property types would be complete without mentioning the châteaux. These majestic properties, reminiscent of France’s regal past, are scattered throughout the country, often found in regions rich in history such as the Loire Valley, Burgundy, and Aquitaine.

Châteaux often come with vast grounds, vineyards, or even forests. They can range from manageable family-sized properties to grand estates with dozens of rooms. As you might expect, châteaux prices can vary significantly. Smaller châteaux can start from around €500,000, while grand, historic estates can command prices well into the tens of millions. Owning a château is not just about acquiring a piece of real estate; it’s about becoming a part of France’s illustrious history.


So, whether you’re looking for a rustic retreat in the countryside or a chic city apartment, it’s essential to do thorough research and consider seeking advice from real estate professionals before investing.

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