“Avoid bank rates to save money,” advises expat in Canada

Saving more than £2,000 made emigrating to Canada all the more fun for Margaret Johnston, who has just enjoyed her first Christmas in her new home in Nova Scotia. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company When Margaret relocated in October 2013, she chose to use currency specialist Smart Currency Exchange rather than her bank [...]

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Renting before buying could make sense in Canada

It often makes sense to rent a home before buying when moving to a long-haul destination. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company It’s precisely what expat Stewart Buchanan, author of the CanadaBuyingGuide.com, is doing in Vancouver, so here he offers some first-hand advice... “Expats tend to flock towards the larger cities when they first [...]

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Brave the Dragon’s Den to obtain a Canadian visa

The Canadian government must be big fans of Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and friends as they have introduced a process whereby foreign entrepreneurs can secure permanent residency through a Dragon’s Den style interview process. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company The new ‘start-up’ visa will grant expats access to the country for as long [...]

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Capital cities: A better option?

When you hear the phrase “capital cities” what do you envision? Grand buildings, designer shops, fancy restaurants? You’re certainly not wrong – capital cities are renowned for all of these things and so much more. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company When put simply, in the majority of countries you can find anything that [...]

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Canada’s rural areas lead the way

Recently released statistics have revealed that it is the rural areas of Canada that are currently enjoying the lowest unemployment rates in the country.   Article written by The Overseas Guides Company This means that Saskatchewan and Alberta, which have unemployment rates of 4 per cent and 4.5 per cent respectively, may just be the [...]

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Is the new Canada Entrepreneur visa the right choice for you?

In a recent announcement from the Canadian government, the terms of an exciting new immigration programme were outlined which could open doors to those who had previously been finding the process rather tricky… Article written by The Overseas Guides Company The ‘start-up’ visa programme is targeting a select group of people from around the world [...]

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Canadian property becoming more affordable

If you're looking at buying a Canadian property, but have been put off by the high cost in recent years, then recent indicators of a moderation in prices are sure to pique your interest. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company The Canadian Real Estate Association has lamented that property prices and market activity have [...]

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