There’s much more to the Sunshine State than the busy theme parks and shopping malls of central Florida. For a more laid-back, outdoorsy lifestyle, head to Southwest Florida (SWFL) where the scenic coastline offers bundles of year-round fun and the chance to really kick back... Three-bed house in Estero with lake view Location [...]

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Tech cities – where the smart money’s going?

Looking for a neat investment or an urban pad with a modern, edgy vibe? Then try a city that embraces the world’s booming technology sector - exciting places both to invest and enjoy a hip 21st-Century lifestyle. Read on for more about today’s ‘tech cities’ and where to find them in Europe… Well connected [...]

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“We’re delighted with our Disney home!”

Years of fun-packed holidays are what attracts most Brits to owning a Disney vacation home. Just ask this British couple, who couldn’t be happier after recently bagging their own house in central Florida… The Moffews' villa in Kissimmee Veterans of Orlando and its theme parks, last September David and Susan Moffew got the [...]

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Dreaming of a Disney home in 2019?

A record 47.7 million passengers passed through Orlando International Airport in 2018, more than six million of these being international travellers. As the Sunshine State’s busiest airport and gateway to central Florida, this is encouraging news for anyone hoping to bag themselves a Disney home in 2019. Here are some pointers to help you get [...]

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Time to tee off your hunt for a golf home?

It’s Ryder Cup year, which means Europe’s best golfers have teamed up to take on the USA, this time in France. In a nod to the famous biennial competition, we pick four affordable homes beside the fairway in four popular golf destinations on both sides of the Atlantic… Central Florida Golfers will feel immediately at [...]

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Buying abroad 10 years after the crisis

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a pivotal moment in the 2008 financial crisis that saw global economies and property markets crash. Ever wondered how much things have changed for Brits buying abroad during the decade since? Here are some observations… Fancy this view in Spain's Costa del [...]

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American sweet spots popular with tennis stars!

Each July the world’s tennis elite, both past and present, decamp to SW19 for the Wimbledon Championships. But have you ever wondered where they all drift back to at the end of the tournament? Here we highlight two destinations in the USA where tennis legends are partial to owning a house or two… Mix [...]

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Ready for a good deal on a Disney home?

The pound’s bounce back against the dollar this year means the exchange rate hasn’t been so favourable since the Brexit vote in June 2016, which is great news for house-hunters across the pond. But before you start browsing for your dream Disney home, here are some reminders about Florida’s real estate market Picking your property [...]

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Be sure of your budget for a smooth buy in 2018

Serious about buying abroad in 2018? Before you start browsing, it’s worth getting your head around all the costs that come with an overseas property transaction - it could save you a lot of time and heartache! Additional buying costs Nine times out of ten, the cost of taking ownership of a property, regardless of [...]

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