Determining fair market value

There is nothing fair about determining fair market value when buying property abroad. It takes a fair amount of research to determine what is fair and what isn't. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company As a foreigner, you are behind the eight ball in terms of your knowledge of the local economy, property pricing [...]

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Turkey’s impressive tourism income

Just when you think that things can’t get any better for Turkey – news is released suggesting that tourism income is much higher than originally anticipated. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company The Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) have updated the methods that they use to produce tourism statistics and as a result, last year’s [...]

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Overview of the Bulgarian property market in 2012 and forecast for 2013

Rightmove Overseas Premier Partner, Bulgarian Properties, takes a look at the evolving market for Bulgarian property Article written by Polina Stoykova MRICS, Chief Operations Manager of Bulgarian Properties Property market over the past 2 years In the first half of 2011 the Bulgarian real estate market made an attempt to pass into a recovery phase, [...]

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Do your research to see if the grass really is greener

Many Brits think that life couldn't be better in Australia, with the laid back lifestyle, stunning beaches and bountiful employment opportunities compared with the recession plagued grey skies of the UK. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Recent headlines, however, may have caused you to question whether the grass really is greener on the [...]

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Census reveals an exodus of people from London

With the release of data from the 2011 census now trickling out, you have probably heard that the number of people identifying as white British living in London has for the first time become the minority. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company However rather than a huge volume of immigrants, the fall from the [...]

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2012 ends well for property buyers – will 2013 be as kind?

A year that began with uncertainty over the future of a crippled Eurozone and hesitancy amongst foreigners, as well as Europeans, to own any type of euro asset, particularly property, is ending with a resurgence in sales in key euro destinations, where property values remain heavily depressed and the nationality of buyers is becoming increasingly [...]

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Analysis of the Bulgarian Property Market – Q3 2012

For the first time in four years during the last few months the data coming from the Bulgarian property market has been predominantly positive. Article written by Polina Stoykova of Bulgarian Properties The details can be summarized as follows: Price stabilization and first timid attempts for increase, which indicate finding an equilibrium point and beginning [...]

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Where in the world are all the British buyers?

Wondering where in the world most Brits are buying property – if indeed at all? Article written by The Overseas Guides Company The latest Overseas Guides Company (OGC) Quarterly Index was released recently, with Southern Europe again making the headlines – although this time for the right reasons! The OGC Quarterly Index tracks the number [...]

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Australian home prices increase for first time in two years

According to statistics published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics this week, Australia’s eight cities have experienced the first increase in house prices since the final quarter of 2010. Property prices have risen by 0.5 per cent when compared with the first quarter of 2012. The statistics show that the biggest price increases were in [...]

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