All of us at Petair are still riding the crest of a wave after we successfully flew a very famous bulldog over to Los Angeles. The interest in our unique services is at an all time high. We are the only company to offer the fullest range of services with the opportunity to get a vet to come to your very own home to complete any veterinary aspects of your pet’s flight, this has the advantage that your pets can stay with you for as long as possible. Most other companies demand that the pets come into their kennels on the days before their flight, which is no good for the pets who are much happier in their own home.

The early part of the year is traditionally a quiet time for flying pets, as it is for many businesses. It is a good time to start making plans for the summertime when we will be flying between 10 and 15 pets per day to many destinations all over the world.

Currently, we seem to be making arrangements for birds of all species to go over to USA. This can be quiet tricky as the birds need to go to quarantine on landing in USA and the USDA demand much extra paperwork for the birds. These journeys are quite fun to arrange as they allow us to gain expertise in quite a specialist field.

Also, we have many greyhounds being bought overseas and our good name is spreading fast. With the fall in value of the pound these dogs are becoming more affordable and we hope to send out a champion to be very soon indeed.

Bob Ghandour BVetMed LVI MRCVS
Veterinary Consultant and Director of PetAir UK
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