More and more buyers of properties in Spain are being introduced to the benefits of staying in a holiday rental as opposed to a traditional hotel when viewing properties abroad.

Renting a holiday home is an increasingly popular way to enjoy a comfortable, sociable and cost-effective break with those closest to you whilst giving you an idea of the lifestyle you could enjoy when making the move to Spain permanent. Leading the way in this trend are the Brit-friendly resorts, where you can find a great range of properties to suit your tastes, budget and the lifestyle you are looking to enjoy all year round.

Holiday Rentals in Spain

Holiday rentals offer you greater convenience, more time together and less expense when compared to a hotel stay.

  • A shared communal area

    The huge advantage of a holiday home is the social interaction you can enjoy throughout the day and night. Whether you are sharing breakfast together in the kitchen or enjoying a relaxed drink in the living area, a rental gives you the space and freedom that a hotel can’t

  • Convenience and flexibility

    Whether you want to cook a group meal, gather everyone around the pool or celebrate a special occasion, a holiday home is the perfect base for your group trip

  • Great savings

    Splitting the cost of a villa results in significant discounts compared to the costs of hotel rooms, giving you more time together and greater comfort at a fraction of the price

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    If you’re a homeowner, booking a holiday rental for your next getaway can be an invaluable experience. It’s a great opportunity for you to discover local hints and tips, such as the best places to eat and drink and the must-see tourist spots. You can also put yourself in your guests’ shoes, giving you a fantastic insight into what they will need when they stay at your property. And when you’re ready to advertise your property we’ll give you all the help you’ll need to ensure your listing attracts the interest of the 32 million holidaymakers who visit our sites each month.