Your essential guide to buying
property in Australia
Buying a Property in Australia

How do you purchase your very own property in Australia? At Australia Property Guides our experience of helping people like you has taught us exactly what it takes to turn a dream of living in Australia into a life-enhancing reality. There are two things to remember:

  1. Take it step by step - it's not a big daunting project if you split it up into a series of manageable steps.
  2. Seek help from the professionals.

Our guides, newsletters and websites will help you with both, allowing you to map your new bright future with confidence. We'll explain:

What awaits you when you get to Australia? A shared language, world-class cities, job opportunities, a relaxed outdoors lifestyle, excellent schools, first-rate healthcare and between 8 and 9 hours of sunshine a day in summer, compared to around 6 in the UK - don't forget all those barbeques.

The stats speak for themselves when it comes to explaining why so many people choose to move across the globe to Australia: this fabulous country was ranked 9th in the most recent United Nations (UN) World Happiness Report; 2nd in the UN's Human Development Index, which ranks quality of life; and Melbourne topped the Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveability Report, which ranks the world's best cities to live in, with Sydney and Adelaide close behind.

We're published by The Overseas Guides Company Ltd, a specialist property consultants and buyers' agent for cross-border property purchases. We help turn overseas property plans into a reality by matching your requirements to a range of vetted services. It all adds up to a successful, safe and enjoyable property purchase abroad, and our services are free to property buyers!

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