Your essential guide to buying
property in New Zealand
Buying a Property in New Zealand

British property buyers looking for a fresh start continue to flock to New Zealand, despite being located on the other side of the world. And who can blame them? It's a similar size, has a similar climate and most appealing of all is stunningly beautiful, with snow-capped mountains, rolling countryside, rivers, lakes, beaches and fjords. Throw a stable economy, world-class healthcare, excellent schools, job opportunities and relaxed pace of life into the mix and it's easy to see why New Zealand is consistently placed in the top 10 of the World Happiness Report.

From bustling Auckland on the north island - home to around a third of the country's population - to remote rural communities on the south island, you'll find somewhere that suits you.

So, how do you go about buying a home in New Zealand? Here at New Zealand Property Guides we know how to make this dream into a life-changing reality. There are two key things you need to know:

  1. Take it step by step. Buying property in New Zealand won't be a daunting prospect if you break the whole process into a series of manageable steps.
  2. Get some property professionals to help you on your journey.

Property Guides can help you with both. Our guides, newsletters and websites will help you achieve your ideal future in New Zealand. We'll explain:

  • Where to focus your property search in New Zealand, depending on your requirements.
  • How to find a trustworthy estate agent in New Zealand.
  • How to pay for your property in New Zealand. Including mortgages and unlocking equity.
  • How to secure a visa for New Zealand.
  • The legal aspect of buying in New Zealand.
  • Finding work in New Zealand.
  • How to move your possessions to New Zealand.
  • How to transfer money into New Zealand dollars, efficiently and safely.
  • How to arrange insurance.

We're published by The Overseas Guides Company Ltd, a specialist property consultants and buyers' agent for cross-border property purchases. We help turn overseas property plans into a reality by matching your requirements to a range of vetted services. It all adds up to a successful, safe and enjoyable property purchase abroad, and our services are free to property buyers!

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