Your essential guide to buying
property in Italy
Buying a Property in Italy

The Italy Buying Guide is dedicated to those planning a property purchase in Italy.

The guide covers every stage of the property buying process, sharing our experience and knowledge to ensure a safe and successful property purchase.

The guide will help you to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Plan your property viewing trip
  • Understand regions of Italy
  • Avoid losing money and pitfalls
  • Find English speaking services in Italy
  • Navigate legal process when buying property in Italy
  • Move in successfully
  • Make the most of your new property and life in Italy

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  • Full copy of the guide (PDF)
  • Complimentary newsletter only ever covering Italy buying process (everything you need to know)
  • Latest news and critical legal updates from our editorial team from Italy
  • Exclusive invitation to property events near you (only in the UK)
  • Expert advice and free telephone consultation about your property plans (only applicable if you are looking to buy in the next 12 months)

The Italy Buying Guide is published by The Overseas Guides Company Ltd., a specialist property consultant and buyer's agent providing up to date information related to buying property overseas. All information including the PDF guide and helpful newsletters are provided in English.