Trying to detect an area that you believe will become the next property hotspot - complete with soaring house prices - is a difficult task. Thankfully Rightmove is here to provide you with some handy pointers.
There are many elements you should consider when scouting for potential house price growth areas, and while making these types of predictions is not an exact science, you can certainly place yourself ahead of the chasing pack by putting in some initial groundwork and arming yourself with a little useful knowledge.

Research - key to identifying future growth in house prices

The secret to making an effective property investment is identifying opportunities before the rest of the market, and to do this requires in-depth research.
You should try to adopt a mindset of constantly looking ahead and pre-empting the market. Keep abreast of the news, and think about how external factors could boost property prices in the future, such as major development plans.
Traditionally, transport has always played an important role in creating house price growth districts. If plans are afoot to substantially develop the local transport network, or enhance links with larger populated areas, then it is logical to assume that this will have a positive knock-on effect on house prices.

Foreseeing the ripple: the house prices overflow

Even if you appear to have missed the boat in an area where house prices are already growing, be aware of what property experts call the "ripple effect".
This is where a hotspot becomes so attractive and popular that many people find themselves priced out of the market. They normally stay close by, however, moving to peripheral areas that will eventually become hotspots themselves.
These areas also offer terrific investment potential, so why delay? Start you research into future house prices today with Rightmove.

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