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Moving Day

At the existing property

  • Meet the removers and give them a quick tour of the existing property
  • Swap mobile telephone numbers with them so that you can contact each other if there are any problems
  • Check the removers know where they are going and have directions. If the property is hard to find, describe useful landmarks such as shops, etc. will help prevent them getting lost
  • Explain what is to go and what is to stay. If there is lots to leave behind, it may be worth marking this beforehand with bright tape to avoid confusion
  • If there is anything that requires extra care, point this out at the start. But refrain from checking everything the removers take out – it can come across as patronising, unnecessary and causes delays
  • Do a final check when the van is loaded to ensure everything has been taken
  • Check all windows and doors are locked and the utilities are all turned off

At the new property

  • Give the removers another quick tour so they know what rooms to put your items in
  • Try putting up a sign (printer paper, white tack and a biro should do the trick) so they know which room is which, especially where bedrooms are concerned
  • Use masking tape on the floors to show where you want your furniture to go
  • When the van is unloaded, do a final sanity check to ensure nothing has been left behind
  • It has been a long and tiring day so get the beds ready as a priority, and put the kettle on! Everything else can wait until tomorrow.

TIP: Download our Moving Day checklist to help your moving day go as smoothly as possible.

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