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Moving out day

An inventory check-out will be conducted as part of the final inspection of the property, after which you will be expected to return the keys to the property.  If you are moving out and checking out on the same day, it is best to try and have the check out later in the afternoon.

When moving out, ensure that all items listed in the inventory are in their original position so that they are easily found and accounted for. The property should be returned in the same condition, allowing for reasonable wear and tear. Once the property has been vacated, the landlord is entitled to dispose of any items left uncollected.

You should always try to be at the check-out in case the person undertaking the check has any questions about the condition or is unable to find any items.

Keep receipts for cleaning and any items that you have had replaced at the end of the tenancy as you may need to show these as part of settling the deposit.

You will need to settle all final utility bills and put a mail forwarding service in place as you will no longer have access to collect post once you have vacated the property.

For more information on inventories, take a look at our section on moving in day and inventories.

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