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If your property has known issues

As part of the conveyancing process, you will need to answer questions about the property and are under an obligation to disclose any known issues. If you knowingly withhold information that would affect the buyer’s decision to purchase the property, they may well be able to claim against you further down the line if a problem arises.

The sorts of known issues that need to be disclosed are:

  • If the property has ever been flooded and the cause of the flooding
  • Any disputes relating to the property including its boundaries and borders.
  • Any proposals you know about for developing property nearby
  • Any building works that have been undertaken at the property and the appropriate certificates confirming they were completed to standard
  • Any unusual or non-standard terms applied to your insurance along with any recent claims
  • Any presence of Japanese knotweed
  • Any rights of access for others to cross your land
  • Do any of the pipes or services that relate to your property cross any other property
  • Are there any shared maintenance costs, for example, if you have a shared driveway?
  • Subsidence
  • Disputes
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