This month’s most viewed properties on Rightmove

Here at Rightmove one of our favourite pastimes is to find out what properties are catching the most attention of the country.

We’re often surprised at the variety of homes that the nation is captivated by. From tiny and quirky, to castles, to mega mansions – Brits have time for them all.

Today, we reveal the five homes that topped the viewing charts in March. They all have one thing in common: each one is absolutely spectacular.

A mansion overlooking the sea

This remarkable home in St Austell, Cornwall, is simply astonishing.

The house itself is a modern build and a state-of-the-art design. Clearly it’s be done to the highest specs, and the quality of the materials and standard of finish is undeniable.

It’s filled with all the latest technology and gadgets, including a sophisticated lighting system, a world-class kitchen, and cupboards and drawers with electronic sensors – thus with no handles.

But what most stood out to us are the breath-taking panoramic views of the coastline and surrounding countryside.

With views like that, it’s a good thing so many large glass doors and windows have been installed. We love the central curved windows that are fitted on both the ground and first floor levels.

Take a closer look at the property below:

A Mayfair mega-mansion

This magnificent home is one of Mayfair’s original mansions.

It was built back in 1732 and then refurbished in 1908 by none other than the great British Architect Ralph Knott – the one responsible for building London’s iconic County Hall.

A luxurious 12-bedroom property in Mayfair is pretty much as prestigious as it gets – hence the cool price tag of (double-checks notes) £54.5 million. But for some very lucky person, this will make quite the pad.

Every single corner of the house is stunning. Every room is classy. We love the dining room on the ground floor – suitable for seating 20 guests – and the extraordinary kitchen. This is a home built for entertaining.

The spa is one-of-a-kind, with one of Mayfair’s largest private swimming pools, a gym/fitness studio, separate spa pool, and sauna. And for a bit of relaxation after the workout, how about a visit to the private cinema room?

Take a closer look at the property below:

A home of luxury in Yorkshire

Alton Hall is a gorgeous six-bed property built about 20 years ago. There’s a lot to love about it.

All the bedrooms are extra large and have their own en-suite. The master bedroom has an impressive balcony overlooking the grounds and pool, and a large walk-in wardrobe.

The kitchen is fab, and we like how it flows nicely through to the dining area and creates a lovely open plan space just perfect for a dinner with family and friends.

The outside area is also impressive. The gardens, which have been designed by a landscape architect, are stunning.

There’s an outdoor heated pool with a spa, and a pool house with sliding glass doors with plenty of space for hanging out, and a floating wood burning stove for chillier days.

Other notable features of this home are the fully functional gym, and massive underground garage – so that’s your car collection sorted.

Take a closer look at the property below:

A former hotel with an indoor trampoline

This 17-bedroom (that’s right – 17!) property was originally built to be a hotel. Today, it’s an extraordinarily massive home in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

It’s so big it’s almost overwhelming. Most bedrooms have an en-suite, and there are enough rooms to have one for just about every purpose – gym, office, study, you name it.

The centerpiece for us is the colossal games area, includes an indoor swimming pool, snooker table, and trampoline (because, why not?).

The estate agent marketing the property says that one side of the property is currently being used as a family home, while the other has potential for some kind of business use.

Externally, the property has a gorgeous fountain, an ornamental pond and plenty of space for wildlife to roam free.

Take a closer look at the property below:

The one with the Great Gatsby-style interior

This property was once featured in our round-up of most quirky properties. Check it out and you’ll see why.

You may not think there’s much to note about the house when you see it from the outside (except if you happen to notice the Statue of Liberty or the three water fountains round the back), but that changes the second you open the front door…

The décor is really unlike anything else we’ve seen before, so it scores highly in uniqueness.

It’s packed with a vastly eclectic – some might say eccentric – collection of items. Statues, mannequins, wigs, and hundreds of other random pieces are strategically placed and end up producing this surreal atmosphere.

Obviously no expense has been spared in creating this luxurious fantasy world; it’s got ten chandeliers throughout the property, several Jacuzzis, and four (yes, four) kitchens – because sometimes two or three just aren’t enough!

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Take a closer look at the property below:

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