When you make the move abroad, it is a sensible idea to try and contact potential employers before you go.

Article written by The Overseas Guides Company

Today Pattie Pegler of the New Zealand Buying Guide answers a reader question about how to best prepare for long distance interviews. If you should have a question that you would like Pattie to answer, you can email her at NewZealand@overseasguidescompany.com.

“Hi Pattie. After being a keen reader of the New Zealand Buying Guide for quite some time, finally next month I will become a proud resident of the South Island! I am in the process of speaking to a few employers in New Zealand and have a couple of Skype and phone interviews next week – any useful tips for me?”

Hi! Thank you for getting in touch. Of course I can help with this. Before I made the move, I chatted to a few employers over in New Zealand to see what opportunities were there and it’s a great way of getting your name out there and investigating what is available.

First off, treat a long distance interview with as much seriousness as you would a regular interview and do everything that you would do if it was face-to-face. Research the company and its location. You may be asked why you want to move to NZ as they will want to assess how serious you are. You will find that the interview will be conducted in much the same way so prepare your answers and a few questions to ask your interviewers.

Another important factor is to dress appropriately. Just because you are on Skype doesn’t mean that you should sit through the interview in the clothes that you would wear at home. You will also need to assess the time difference and as it is likely to be early in the morning, make sure that you are up and about (and awake enough!) to conduct yourself properly.

Make sure that you aren’t going to be interrupted during the interview so sit somewhere quiet and avoid distractions. You need to be able to give the interview your full attention – especially as it is over the phone because there may be a slight time lapse on the line.

On a final note, phone interviews are just a little bit odd. You can’t gauge body language or reactions from the interviewers which you would normally play off. Don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat a question if you haven’t heard it properly and take your time.

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