Making a success of a new life abroad means creating new friendships and integrating socially.

Article written by The Overseas Guides Company

Here, expat Pattie Pegler, author of the and Christhcurch resident, draws on her own experience…

“A big part of how happy you will be in New Zealand will depend on making friends and creating a bit of a network out here. The good news is that as there’s no language barrier, it’s easy to mix with kiwis and there are plenty of clubs, organisations and activities to help you.

“A good starting point is to think about what interests you. Moving to a new country is often a good time to think about other new experiences you’d like to try. So if there’s a new hobby you’d like to take up why not look into clubs or organisations that might get you started? There’s a big focus in New Zealand on sports and outdoor activities, so if that appeals to you then search out a club or group in your area that suits. In my small town alone there are clubs for everything from walking to netball to gardening. Having a common interest gives you an instant and easy way to start making friends.

“Another good way to find out what’s available in your area is to ask around. You can also try websites like Meet Ups, which lists groups and clubs in your area. There really is an astounding array of clubs out there and if you’re not the sporting type then there are other options. I found a Sunday Beer club in Christchurch, a movie-goers group that get together to go to the cinema and a food lovers club that tries out different restaurants in town. Of course, if your hobby is so obscure that you can’t find a club for it, then why not start one yourself? Alternatively, try the New Zealand newcomers’ online network. Anyone can join and it’s all about welcoming newcomers to an area.”

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