Although New Zealand natives seem very eager to leave, a growing number of British expats are helping to replace the dwindling population.

Article written by The Overseas Guides Company

Figures released this week show that almost 40,000 Kiwis departed the country for life in Australia in June, the same as in April. This is the highest amount ever recorded.

Fortunately, Brits are more than happy to settle in New Zealand – 5,600 emigrated there in June. They were closely followed by the Chinese (5,200) and Indians (5,200).

So why is it that so many New Zealanders are upping sticks and moving abroad? Well, many opt to make the move because the neighbouring nation has a far bigger labour market, there are far more opportunities and pay tends to be a lot better than at home. In addition, Australia is only a two or three hour flight away which means that they can visit home relatively easily.

New Zealand is an incredibly attractive prospect for those looking for a better quality of life, it’s a family friendly location and a truly beautiful place to be. These reasons combined are desirable to those who have become fed up of redundancies, poor weather and strict austerity measures. In addition, the New Zealand dollar has recently strengthened against sterling, the euro and the US dollar. The influx of over 5,000 was the highest net gain of migrants experienced in 16 months.

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