New Zealand quake-proofing rules under review

As a result of the earthquakes that devastated Christchurch, speculation has arisen that seismic strengthening rules may soon be tightened. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Current regulations on all types of older buildings require them to be brought up to 33 per cent of the strength required of new buildings – which are [...]

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Are expats who move to New Zealand happy?

A recent survey conducted by New Zealand’s Government Immigration Settlement Monitoring Programme took a look at happiness levels amongst expats who have taken the plunge and made the big move. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Overall the survey found that 8 out of 10 of the people surveyed said that they were happy [...]

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Pain-free guide to healthcare in New Zealand

One of the biggest concerns of Brits emigrating is what the healthcare system is like in their new country and whether they’ll have to pay for treatment. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Here Pattie Pegler, Christchurch resident and writer of, introduces healthcare in New Zealand New Zealand has a good publically funded [...]

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Could your skills get you to Oz or NZ?

The most common way Brits get residency in Australia and New Zealand is with a skilled worker visa. Typically, each year Australia and New Zealand will open their doors to a set number of migrant workers with skills that will benefit their nation, especially in areas where there is a skills shortage. Article written by [...]

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New Zealand? It’s a lifestyle block thing…

For many Brits, moving to New Zealand is about a complete lifestyle change, typically swapping a frantic 9-5 working life for a more outdoorsy, rural existence.   Article written by The Overseas Guides Company A popular way to achieve this is to buy a rural property with enough land to do a bit of hobby [...]

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Language differences in English speaking countries

One expected benefit when buying property and/or emigrating to an English-speaking country is the lack of language barrier. But is that strictly so? Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Many Britons who move to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA come across little idiosyncrasies and slang words that are unique to a country [...]

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New Zealand experiencing influx of Brits

Although New Zealand natives seem very eager to leave, a growing number of British expats are helping to replace the dwindling population. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Figures released this week show that almost 40,000 Kiwis departed the country for life in Australia in June, the same as in April. This is the [...]

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New Zealand’s property market hots up

According to a recent report on the New Zealand property market, the number of rural and lifestyle properties’ being sold has increased by 20 per cent from this time last year. Article written by Overseas Guides Company The report revealed that property sold in the rural areas of Greater Auckland and Northland is experiencing similar [...]

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NZ’s construction industry may need YOU!

Building work in the wake of recent earthquakes and a local skills shortage have led to a surge in job vacancies in the Canterbury region of New Zealand.   So, if you’re considering a move there and you have the right skills, now could be the ideal time to apply for a visa. Figures from [...]

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“We’re moving to NZ to be nearer our grandchildren!”

This week the spoke to readers Wendy and Bernard Hinde, a couple in the process of applying for a Parent Visa to join their daughter and grandchildren in New Zealand’s North Island. Here Wendy kindly tells us all about why they want to make the move and how they are finding the application process… [...]

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