A golden opportunity on the Gold Coast

If a home on the Gold Coast in Australia is something you’re aspiring to, you might want to move quickly before prices rise. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Renowned as an Aussie take on Vegas meets Miami and home to the popular Mermaid Beach and Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast is a popular [...]

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How heritage listings differ from country to country

Many Brits are surprised to discover the discrepancies in heritage listings between the UK and their new home country. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company The age of a property is one of the main differences between the UK and countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. In these countries, and [...]

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Time to get real about Aussie rents!

When you're moving to Australia, it often makes sense to rent for a period of time while you decide where to buy a home – especially given weekend viewing trips from the UK just aren't possible! Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Be sure, though, to investigate rental costs in the area in which [...]

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Emigration to Australia: How to make it happen for you

Emigrating in 2013? Hopefully this will be year that your plans for migration come to fruition and you finally realise your ambitions of moving abroad. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company With the newspapers full of reports of a freezing Russian weather front rolling in, if you have plans to move to Australia, now’s [...]

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Do your research to see if the grass really is greener

Many Brits think that life couldn't be better in Australia, with the laid back lifestyle, stunning beaches and bountiful employment opportunities compared with the recession plagued grey skies of the UK. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Recent headlines, however, may have caused you to question whether the grass really is greener on the [...]

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Always swim between the flags!

While those of us currently living in the UK shiver through wintery weather that swiftly arrived as the calendar ticked over to December, the southern hemisphere is enjoying the beginning of summer and all the outdoor fun that entails. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company However every summer, water-loving countries such as Australia, New [...]

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Where there’s smoke, there’s complaints

With laws in many countries making cigarette and tobacco smoking increasingly restrictive, it was only a matter of time before the issue became prevalent in the property sector. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Now, some countries and local authorities are looking at the issue of people smoking in apartment complexes, and the complaints [...]

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Sydney in your sights

Just in case you need a little extra push to make the move to one of the world's most renowned harbour cities... Article written by The Overseas Guides Company Or if want something extra to daydream about while searching for your ideal property, here are five weekends away you could be enjoying once you move [...]

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Sydney tops property rich list

For those of you out there with grand plans to emigrate to Australia, Sydney may have to be ruled out for those on a budget as this week it was ranked top of the Australian Property Rich List. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company According to the RP Data Property Pulse results released this [...]

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Australia loosens visa conditions

Brits applying for some Australian visas will welcome the Australian Government’s recent decision to relax conditions governing certain types of visa. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company New rules for visas for parents and grandparents of permanent residents and Australian citizens are expected to be in place by the end of 2012. These will [...]

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